Tuesday, August 9

The medical community, outraged after the court ruling that forces a patient with COVID to apply a non-proven therapy: “It is a very serious aggression”

The decision of a judge from Castellón to force a hospital to apply an uncontested treatment to a critical COVID patient has outraged the medical community. Professional groups consider an interference and “a very serious aggression to the National Health System” that a magistrate has issued as a very precautionary measure the application of this treatment, which has not demonstrated its effectiveness in patients with coronavirus, after the demand of the family of the affected .

The magistrate considers the measure a “compassionate treatment” and is based on the protection of the fundamental rights of the patient, who has not responded to other treatments and is admitted with bilateral pneumonia as a result of the infection. The board of the Hospital de La Plana (Vila-real, Castellón), the College of Physicians and other groups such as the Valencian Society of Intensive, Critical Medicine and Coronary Units have signed a statement in support of the intensive care physicians who refused to apply the ozone therapy and against the interference of non-public health personnel in the hospital to practice the treatment.

The Ministry of Health denied at the beginning of August the application of this therapy, requested by the relatives of the patient, not vaccinated, and in intensive care, because it is not part of the treatments authorized by the Spanish Agency of Medicines or by the Ministry of Health . Some studies were carried out on the use of ozone in patients with Covid-19 in April 2020, but they lack proven effectiveness. The patient’s family appealed to the courts, which now agree with them in a resolution against which there is no appeal and which Health has had to accept. The application of ozone therapy is carried out by personnel outside the center, which means another interference with the public health system for the doctors.

The General Council of Official Medical Associations has signed the statement of the Valencian professionals and considers that the judicial decision goes “against scientific protocols.” The medical organization states that “judicial interference in clinical decisions seriously alters the evaluation processes developed by scientific societies, clinical practice guidelines and the work of the evaluation agencies of the National Health System.”