Monday, October 25

The meeting of presidents of depopulated communities is in danger due to the partisan use of Feijóo

“As far as I know it has not yet been called off.” In these terms, the spokesman for one of the socialist barons who planned to participate in Santiago on November 2 in the meeting of presidents of depopulated communities to demand a financing model that takes into account criteria such as population decline or dispersion is pronounced. . The meeting is now on the air after the host, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, used it as a political weapon this Wednesday during the debate on the state of Autonomy that is being held these days in the Galician Parliament. The socialist Concha Andreu, president of La Rioja, has already canceled her presence at the meeting. Other PSOE guests are thinking about it.

During his speech in the Galician Parliament, Feijóo charged against the Government of Pedro Sánchez and accused him of wanting to establish the financing model to suit the Catalan independentists. He did it minutes after showing his chest that Galicia would be the venue this time for a debate on the matter with presidents of various political colors: “I am not more proud of anything than that our land is once again the scene of politics that is worth worth it, “he said.

In this context, Feijóo’s words came that lit the spirits of the PSOE: “I want to clearly ask that the autonomic financing is not decided at a bilateral table with the only autonomic government that openly declares to be against the nation.”

In addition to the first confirmed drop, the list of socialist positions that have come out expressing their discomfort with the president of the Xunta has been elevated. From Asturias, Aragón and Extremadura, their presidents have warned Feijóo that they are not willing to participate in a front that aims to wear down the central government.

“If someone pretends that what we are going to take there is to see how we attack other autonomous communities or the Government, let them not count on me,” said the Extremaduran president, Guillermo Fernández Vara. In the same vein, Adrián Barbón (Asturias) and Javier Lambán (Aragon) have spoken

The meeting scheduled for early November has been held with similar formats on several occasions during the governments of Mariano Rajoy and Pedro Sánchez. This last call was activated last July by the regional presidents Alberto Núñez Feijóo and Alfonso Fernández Mañueco (PP), in addition to the socialists Emiliano García Page and Javier Lambán. “It was activated in response to movements in other territories such as Valencia and Andalusia”, sources familiar with the process assure

The plan aims to establish an alternative discourse to that of communities such as Andalusia, Madrid, Valencia or the Balearic Islands that ask for a distribution of funds that basically meets criteria such as the number of inhabitants that each territory has. The presidents of the most depopulated communities claim that the difficulties in providing services to citizens living in depopulated areas, with dispersed populations or in old age are taken into account when distributing the money. At this point, Feijóo had found a position of centrality with the capacity to weave agreements with politicians from other formations and confront their positions with those of fellow party members such as the popular Isabel Díaz Ayuso. On this occasion, he also added his position as host in an event whose celebration is scheduled in Santiago de Compostela, in full celebration of the Jacobean Year. Now, everything is up in the air and the celebration of the meeting is still unknown.

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