Thursday, December 7

‘The mental health emergency’, the new magazine from

The emergency of mental health in the new magazine of

Mental illnesses have always been secret, shameful, humiliating ailments… but the time has come to come out of the closet and beat the stigma. Also to provide means to the professionals who treat them. Psychiatrists, psychologists, patients and candidates speak in the new issue of magazine about suffering and happiness, medication and therapies, loneliness and hope.

Depression, stress caused by precariousness, the pandemic or high-level sports. The lack of attention to the most serious mental illnesses, told by its protagonists. The situation of children and young people. And also the vindication of people who want to make their illness visible and normalize their lives, are some of the stories that appear in the magazine that sends quarterly to its partners.

In this issue, we also interview psychiatrist Víctor Pérez Solá and psychotherapist James Davies. And we have articles by specialists such as psychiatrists Iria Veiga and José G.-Valdecasas Campelo, Dr. Esther Samper, and psychologists Eparquio Delgado and Alberto Soler.

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