Saturday, September 18

The Mercedes-Benz EQG Concept anticipates a bright future | Digital Trends Spanish

The Mercedes-Benz EQG Concept which just debuted at the Munich auto show makes no effort to hide the fact that it is a slightly disguised concept version of an eventual production car. The vehicle he pretends to hide is the SUV that will take the legendary Mercedes-Benz Gelänwagen into the age of electric cars: the off-road that will be known by the name Mercedes-Benz EQG, sometime during the current decade.

This is excellent news for the growing number of believers in the religion of electric vehicles since, apart from the fact that you will not have to use your imagination to visualize what the first electric G-Class in history would look like, the passage of the Gelänwagen to the world of electric cars gives a lot of credibility to the technology and validity to its viability as an everyday vehicle.

We did not expect anything different. The truth is that no one with a head on their shoulders would have thought to play with the iconic lines of the G-Class, which have remained practically unaltered since the arrival of the model in 1979, and were respected in its first and only update in 2018.

Without the need to ventilate an internal combustion engine, the grill was replaced by a panel of LED lights, which still create the appearance of a grill defined by blue points of light with the inevitable three-pointed star in the middle in white and illuminated with a three-dimensional effect, all surrounded by a rectangle of white light. The illuminated face of the G-Class is completed by the circular daytime running lights that surround the headlamps, achieving a very beautiful effect and impossible to be confused with any other vehicle.

We got even more LED lighting built into the skid strips on the vehicle doors, while the roof rack features an off-road LED light bar at the front and an ingeniously built-in third brake light at the rear edge. The uniquely designed 22-inch polished aluminum wheels, obviously inspired by Mercedes-Benz designs of the late 1990s, look imposing and futuristic. We would have loved to see a spare fifth wheel on the tailgate, but instead we got an external storage box where Mercedes-Benz says a charging cable can be stored, and where we wouldn’t stop carrying a tire repair kit deflated.

The body of the Mercedes-Benz EQG Concept travels mounted on a ladder-type frame very similar to that of the current G-Class guaranteeing the toughness of the model, at the same time it uses an independent suspension scheme in the front and a solid axle in the rear. rear end for better handling on the pavement without losing off-road credentials.

Mercedes-Benz did not disclose details of power, or range per charge, but said that the EQG Concept uses four electric motors mounted on each of the wheels that can operate independently, giving the EQG “unique driving characteristics”. which immediately got us thinking of the rivian truck-style ‘tank’ vehicle swivels. Mercedes-Benz also spoke of a two-speed gearbox that gives the EQG a low gear, or as they say in Venezuela a ‘mocha’, for serious and complicated off-road situations.

Mercedes-Benz did not commit to any date for the arrival of the production version of the electric Geländewagen, indicating to us that the project is still in one of its early stages. What the manufacturer did say is that when I arrive, the production Mercedes-Benz EQG will be as capable and rugged as the current internal combustion engine version, and those are big words.

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