Monday, March 4

The message that asks for volunteers for the Primary Care emergencies in Madrid: “I am ashamed of others”

The Ministry of Health needs staff to reopen out-of-hospital emergencies on October 27. In the new model of the Community of Madrid there are not enough doctors to structurally cover the hours of care promised by President Isabel Díaz Ayuso in the 80 points re-baptized as 24-hour Health Centers, so it is already looking for volunteers among the Primary Care templates to cover the gaps in your plan. A plan that has the opposition of the five unions present in the Sectoral Table and the opposition parties.

Ayuso entrusts the Primary Care emergencies to volunteers, which will reopen on the 27th with the staff on strike

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The territorial directorates have begun to transfer to the personnel of the health centers the request of the Assistance Directorate of the Ministry requesting volunteers. “I’m a little embarrassed to pass on this information,” begins one of those messages, to which has had access, and in which it is explained that “it remains to be seen what would happen to the payroll” of those workers who offer to cover any of the vacant night shifts. They are, from Monday to Thursday from 00 to 8 hours; on Fridays from 00 to 9 hours on Saturday; on Saturdays from 9:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m. on Sunday; and on Sundays from 9 p.m. to 8 a.m. on Monday.

Six days after launching a new out-of-hospital emergency system, the Community is still looking for how to complete the templates. The 80 new points announced yesterday by the president are not new either. 41 are the Rural Care Services, which were already operating, as well as the El Molar and Alcalá centers and the other 37 are the former Primary Care Emergency Services, which are reopened but without all the staff. The toilets that had been assigned to the SUMMA 112 home care service will not return to their previous destination.

From the Ministry they pointed out this Thursday that “to cover the entire schedule, a complementary day will be applied on a voluntary basis that, for the first time, will be opened to all of the more than 13,600 Primary Care professionals.” “It is what is going to allow us to respond at all those times”, recognized the head of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero. His Deputy Minister for Healthcare and Public Health, Fernando Prados, admitted the “difficulty that exists in finding professionals” and ruled out “solving the problem in just a few months”.

In the message that is being transferred to the templates, the need to get volunteers in the categories of family doctors, nurses and caretakers is recognized. Each one will charge, during the week, 22.31 euros per hour, 15.40 euros per hour and 11.48 euros per hour, respectively. Amounts that will increase to 24.43 euros, 17.52 euros and 13.60 euros per hour on weekends. Amounts that, according to union sources, are indicated in gross. “It will be almost half,” they indicate.

“Those who may be interested” are asked to write an email with location preferences, what days of the week they would be available, how often or how many shifts they would be willing to perform each month, without knowing the release or rest shifts yet. . Because, according to the schedules set, a health worker in the afternoon shift at his health center would have to join his shift with the night shift. If you are on morning shift, you would have to get up without resting.

This Saturday, three days after the start of an indefinite strike of SAR and Primary Care workers affected by the restructuring, a demonstration is called in Madrid, in which it will be demanded that out-of-hospital emergency services be maintained, at least with the same staff that it had before the pandemic, to provide Madrid Public Health with more funding and to improve the working conditions of its professionals, who have been warning for years about the structural problems that the system addresses, such as the high workload of work, the aging of the templates and the difficulty in renewing personnel.