Friday, September 17

The messages of the former number two of the Interior prove the maneuver to save Villarejo in the case of Dr. Pinto

The mobile phone seized last March 14 from Francisco Martínez allows us to reconstruct a part of the underground maneuvers that the dome of the Ministry of the Interior and the Police carried out during the first term of Mariano Rajoy. In one of the exchanges of messages between Martínez, the then Secretary of State for Security, and Commissioner Andrés Gómez Gordo, the maneuver to try to prevent Villarejo from being charged for stabbing Dr. Elisa Pinto following an alleged order from the current CEO is accredited. de Ferroglobe and CEO of the Villar Mir group, Javier López Madrid.

Gómez Gordo returned to active service in the Police in March 2015 from Castilla-La Mancha, where he had gone to work under the direct orders of María Dolores de Cospedal. On July 4 of that year, four months after returning, he wrote to number two of the Interior to his mobile, despite the fact that he is not yet a commissioner and appears in the job catalog as section chief of a police unit. “On July 16, photographic recognition of Pp in the case of the madwoman, the summons arrived on Thursday. We had stopped it but someone has reactivated it … You tell me something,” Gómez Gordo writes. The number two of the Ministry responds: “I’m on a trip, I’ll arrive tomorrow. I’ll call you in case we can see each other at the last minute. Pino was going to talk to the judge about the 16th.”

The Deputy Police Operational Directorate, led by Eugenio Pino, managed to suspend on two occasions the recognition rounds ordered by the head of the Court of Instruction number 39 of Madrid, Belén Sánchez. To do this, he presented a receipt stating that Villarejo was on an official trip to London and Saudi Arabia. The document was signed by the physician Miguel Ángel Bayo. Already retired, Bayo was a close collaborator of Eugenio Pino in the Deputy Directorate of Operations and his statement in the piece of espionage to Bárcenas allowed the lack of control over the reserved funds to emerge.

Two years after the first court summons, in June 2017, with Eugenio Pino already retired, the recognition round was finally held and the doctor identified Villarejo as the man who in April 2014 punctured her in the side while saying: “López Madrid wants you to shut your mouth.” The businessman and Villarejo are close to sitting on the bench for these events and others linked to the alleged harassment of the doctor, while the woman continues to be charged with a subsequent complaint by López Madrid in another court.

Four days after the previous telephone message, Gómez Gordo wrote to Martínez again: “Pepe has been offered the possibility that he is on vacation (in this way he would have to postpone it necessarily) and he prefers to justify travel (the judge can refuse) wants to see what mood you have … “. To which Martínez responds: “Pp’s strategy is a bit risky.”

This exchange of messages, advanced by ABC, is included in a report of the Internal Affairs Unit of the Police for the judge of the Villarejo case in the piece Kitchen, the espionage of Bárcenas by the political police. The alleged hiring by businessman Javier López Madrid of Commissioner Villarejo to threaten the doctor and attack her is part of another separate piece of the case, number 24. The defense of the dermatologist has just asked Judge Manuel García-Castellón to summon testify to Gómez Gordo in this latest investigation and to other police officers possibly involved, as well as to include the aforementioned Internal Affairs report, according to a letter to which has had access.

“We are going to win this game, Javier”

The investigation into López Madrid and Villarejo was sabotaged by the Ministry of the Interior directed by Jorge Fernández Díaz from the beginning, within the political decisions to keep safe the commissioner who kept all the secrets of an era. One of the most important episodes is the police report that took up the case of the threats between López Madrid and Pinto and that concluded, three years later, that the woman was solely responsible for the events. Pino had ordered a trusted police officer to resume the investigation from the beginning. This is Commissioner Alberto Carba, head of the Extortion and Kidnapping Section, who directed his investigations against Dr. Pinto from the beginning. Their conclusions served for the judge to file the case against López Madrid and Villarejo.

The collusion of Commissioner Carba with the accused López Madrid was reflected in other messages between the two that the Civil Guard found on the mobile phone seized from the businessman during his arrest in the Lezo corruption case. “Good morning, Javier. I just wanted to convey to you that the report we wanted is very good for our investigation. Patience in this last quarter that we are going to win this match,” the policeman wrote to the businessman investigated on November 19, 2015, four months after the messages between Gómez Gordo and the number two of Interior. The Madrid court ordered the judge to reopen the case. Last August, Judge Sánchez issued an order in which she proposes to try López Madrid for harassment and threats and the policeman for “injuries with a dangerous instrument.”

The Civil Guard report on Commissioner Carba’s collusion with López Madrid, published by in December 2019, has had no disciplinary consequences for the police officer. The Interior Minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, currently maintains Carba as head of the Centro district police station, the largest in Spain, and the accused in Kitchen Andrés Gómez Gordo as head of the Villa de Vallecas police station. The official letter of the Central Operative Unit of the Civil Guard on the messages between Carba and López Madrid is another of the documents that Dr. Pinto’s defense requests to be incorporated into piece 24 of the Villarejo case. He also requests that the also investigated in Kitchen Enrique García Castaño testify.

The UCO had prepared another report years before, in the framework of the investigation to Dr. Pinto, from the telephone number that López Madrid delivered to the court by order of the judge. In that report, dated May 7, 2015, the Civil Guard revealed López Madrid’s “close relations” with a group of commissioners, including García Castaño. The policeman, now retired, assures that López Madrid came to him through OHL’s security chief, the construction company of which he is CEO, because it has regular relations with the commissioner’s antiterrorist unit, but that he limited himself to referring him to the Madrid Judicial Police Brigade.