Monday, December 5

The Mexican writer and journalist Juan Villoro wins the Recognition of Excellence of the Gabo Award 2022

The Mexican writer and journalist Juan Villoro has achieved the Recognition of Excellence of the Gabo Award 2022, a distinction that will be awarded to him next October, the Gabo Foundation reported this Wednesday.

The Governing Council of the Gabo Award decided to award this recognition to Villoro “for the brilliant and inspiring set of his work and career” and the “own, deep and critical look that he projects in his journalistic practice with exemplary rigor, ethics and talent”.

The Gabo Foundation also highlighted that Villoro is a narrator “who captivates through the living word, who respects, knows and uses like few others” and a “great speaker of the language who teaches to refine the language to have beauty and effectiveness” in diversity of genres ranging from columns and children’s stories, to plays and chronicles.

The Mexican author will receive the Recognition of Excellence on Saturday, October 22 in Bogotá, during the celebration of the X Gabo Festivalin which the prizes that bear the name of the Colombian Nobel Prize for Literature will be awarded.

Encourage the pursuit of excellence in journalism

The Gabo Prize is awarded annually and aims to encourage the search for excellence, innovation and ethical coherence in journalism, inspired by the ideals and work of García Márquez.

The journalistic award rewards the best in Ibero-America in the categories of Text, Image, Coverage and Innovation, and also delivers the Recognition of Excellence and the Clemente Manuel Zabala Recognition to a Colombian editor.

Villoro will also be part of the programming of the Gabo Festival, which returns to the face-to-face format and will celebrate its tenth edition from October 21 to 23 in Bogotá, as part of the commemorations of the 40th anniversary of the awarding of the Nobel Prize to Gabriel García Márquez .

The themes of the Festival will focus on the famous speech “The Solitude of Latin America”, which Gabo delivered in 1982 when he received the Nobel Prize for Literature in Stockholm.

In the last two years, the Festival has been virtual due to the coronavirus pandemic and is now recovering its face-to-face format at the Bogotá Modern Gymnasium, one of the most traditional schools in the Colombian capital.