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The military simulation where the landing in Spain is the final battle to win a nuclear war against Russia

In 2035, the United Nations (UN) accused Russia of endangering the world by investigating with atomic and chemical weapons “totally devastating”, which generates a chain reaction that makes Spain the scene of the end of a war world. It is not a novel or a futuristic fiction movie. It is the argument with which the military simulation game begins that the company DefconMilsim, specialized in these events, will carry out in Escopete (Guadalajara) on October 23 and 24.

As reported by the Town Hall of the town and the event company itself, this story is part of its 2021/2022 trilogy and is repeated in the large areas of the municipality set up for the occasion.

The ‘briefing’ of the military simulation details that Operation ‘Flashes of Heaven’ is a plan prepared by Russia for years to provoke a nuclear war. After the alleged maneuvers of the Russians with atomic weapons, it is the United States that declares war on him and Germany joins Russia in its defense by providing troops and tanks. “Russia interrupts the UN security device and prepares to attack.”

“The last try”

“The world collides when receiving the first impacts of the nuclear bombs dropped from the United States and Russia,” continues the introduction; and there comes a time when only a few commanders and leaders of the world’s powers survive to initiate “the last battle on the ground.” The strategic point is Spain, invaded by Russian forces imposing their dominance as “the only superpower in the world and the main survivors of atomic weapons.” Only a landing in Spain between NATO and the rest of the countries will make it possible to draw “the last attempt” with the war.

Defcon MilSim is a company that manages extensive terrain oriented to the corresponding war scene, various ground vehicles for the transport of material and troops, response vehicles for combat, usually with light machine guns (pick-ups, willys, tanks, etc. .) or air vehicles (helicopters and others). These simulations are one hundred percent scripted, with specific roles, organization, props, and interaction materials.

This activity, for example, will take place on almost 3,000 hectares of Escopete’s land and has a capacity for 500 places, for which you must pre-register. To participate you must comply with a series of rules, such as following the script, carrying replicas of weapons (so-called ‘airsoft’), keeping eye protection glasses at all times, not carrying knives or daggers except the authorized plastic ‘dummy’ , treat the rest of the players with respect, wear mountain clothes and do not consume alcohol or drugs.

Other indications of the organization is that the fauna and flora of the terrain must be respected, the marked line of the terrain on the map must not be exceeded or be careful with possible civilians. In case of not being fulfilled, the players and their team can be sent off.

For the previous organization of these events, the companies facilitate that the teams prepare with roles for each person: the first in command, the second in command, radio operator, possible doctor, navigator, etc. For this, he highlights the need to follow the hierarchy of these roles and avoid “making a mess” on the playing field. With this objective, during the previous weeks, each team leader, the assigned squads and missions are sent for their development.

Military simulation games are currently very fashionable, because they are carried out outdoors and the necessary capacity for their celebration is already allowed after the restrictions due to COVID. The companies that organize them use mixed techniques from real simulation, video games and history to create their scripts. In addition, they are usually very strict in terms of safety regulations, generating player loyalty over time.

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