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The million foreigners living in Madrid: majority of women from Romania and Latin America and higher than average unemployment rate

The Community of Madrid has more than 940,000 foreigners, about 14% of the entire population of the region. Most of them are women, according to data from the report ‘Dismantling prejudices and stereotypes. Foreign population in the Community of Madrid’, which UGT presented this Friday.

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According to this work, as of January 1, 2022 there were 945,933 people of foreign nationality registered in the Community of Madrid. If the 578,417 registered people of Spanish nationality and born abroad are added to this figure, at least 22.6% of the 6,744,456 inhabitants of the Community have their origin in a migratory movement. Between the years 2009 and 2020, more than 1.3 million people gained Spanish nationality throughout the country. Of these, 23%, 304,187, did so while residing in the Community of Madrid.

The report was presented this Friday at the union’s headquarters by the secretary of Social Services and the Public Sector of UGT Madrid, Laura Muñoz, and the head of the UGT Confederal Migration area, Ana Corral. The representatives have presented the main conclusions in order to frame the celebration of the Hoax Free Work workshop in Madrid to counteract “false or distorted information that spreads rapidly and encourages the rejection of immigration.”

Muñoz lamented, commenting on the report’s conclusions, that the extreme right has more and more influence to “criminalize the foreign population”, while Corral has pointed out that hate speech sometimes leads to “criminal behavior such as aggression or threats” and it is something that ends up “permeating” certain population centers because it is being transferred that some groups “must be afraid of them”.

Most from Romania or South America

About 53% of the foreign population of the Community of Madrid are women, with a large presence of women of Romanian nationality and women from South and Central America. In addition, the 497,755 women of foreign nationality registered in the Community represent 18% of the total number of foreign women in the country.

By households, 14% of the 2,627,000 households in the Community of Madrid are made up of at least one person of foreign nationality and 7% of households are mixed (Spanish nationality and foreign nationality). The average age of the population of Spanish nationality in the Community is 44.2 years and 35.7 in the case of the population of foreign nationality. To this, from UGT they have added that 20.6% of the Spanish population of the Community is 65 years of age or older, a percentage that in the case of the population of foreign nationality drops to 4.6%.

Home and hospitality jobs

By nationality of people affiliated with Social Security in the Community, those of Romania prevail with 82,231 people, Venezuela with 39,384, Italy with 23,340, Colombia with 27,690, China with 27,524 and Morocco with 26,264. Women represent 49% of foreign nationals affiliated to Social Security and 24.1% of all foreign women affiliated to Social Security (231,456) were affiliated to the Special System for Domestic Employees.

Specifically, 45.2% of all the people affiliated to this system have foreign nationality. In the hospitality sector, working both on their own account and as employees, they represent 29.3% and 26% in the construction sector.

As for unemployment, the rate among foreign nationals from third countries rose to 16.55% in 2021 and is more than five points higher than that of Spanish men (9.71). In the case of women who are nationals of third countries, their unemployment rate, 18.47%, is 8 points higher than the unemployment rate of women of Spanish nationality (11.3). In addition, of the 24,415 minimum income holders in the Community of Madrid, 6,024 had foreign nationality (24.6%).

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