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The Minister of Culture avoids committing to the temporary transfer of the Lady of Elche

The Minister of Culture and Sports, Miquel Iceta, said today that national museums should make an effort to “bring” his work to all Spaniards, although regarding the Lady of Elche he has admitted that “we are not very in favor of putting in risk some pieces “, for which he has sentenced:” I do not want to commit myself to specific movements. ”

Culture clarifies that it has “no plan” for the return of heritage works

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Speaking to journalists after the first meeting of the Author’s Fashion table, in Toledo, he acknowledged that he does not know the reason why a controversy has arisen over the collections of state museums: “I have a special obligation as Minister of Culture, which is to enhance our museums and the integrity of those collections. And, as sometimes words are blown away by the wind, I invite everyone to read the General State Budgets to verify that there is no item in that the role of national museums is weakened or the integrity of their collections is put at risk, “he said.

Iceta has applauded the “effort” that some museums are making so that their collections “can, in some way, visit other autonomous communities” and, in this sense, has said that museums belong to all Spaniards and has defended that both the Museums such as national performing companies should make an effort to get closer, which “does not imply in any case breaking the unity of the collections”, he pointed out.

Moreover, the Minister of Culture has stressed that museums should not lose their “ability” to explain globally, whether it is a time period, a type of art or an artistic expression.

To questions about the Lady of Elche – since the Elche City Council hopes to obtain the temporary transfer of the Iberian bust for its exhibition in the city coinciding with the 125th anniversary of the discovery of this piece in 2022 -, the minister has replied: “We are not very supporters of putting some pieces at risk. There are pieces that are, for museums, very unique either because of their history or because of their relevance, and then there are logistical and insurance problems. And, therefore, I don’t want to commit to concrete movements “.

Cooperation between institutions

However, he has once again said that national museums “belong to the whole of Spaniards” and that it is good that “all Spaniards feel as their own a heritage that is theirs, even if at a certain moment it is located in a State institution, either in Madrid or in another city “.

He has specified that there must be cooperation “but not closing it or circumscribing it to one or another piece” and has stated that a “more global, more comprehensive, richer, more inclusive vision of Spain will make us all absolute defenders of heritage wherever it may be. “.

He has also said that museums are not a closed work but that they have to be enriched, and has given as an example the acquisition by the Ministry of Culture and Sports for 1.5 million euros of the Crucifixion of El Greco, a dated painting between 1575 and 1577. Miquel Iceta has said that this painting explains a stage in the evolution of El Greco and that with it the collection is “more rounded” and has affirmed that it has been acquired “at a reasonable price”.

“The museums are not there to stay as they are, but to enrich and enlarge their collections, not to divide or break them,” said the minister.

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