Sunday, December 10

The Minister of Education of Madrid justifies the scholarships for families that earn more than 100,000 euros because “it will be difficult to make ends meet”

The Minister of Education of Madrid, Enrique Ossorio, has assured in full controversy over the system of scholarships for measured income in private centers that a couple with children who earn 143,652 euros a month needs a scholarship because “it is part of a middle class that pays a lot of taxes, works a lot and receives nothing”.

In an interview with the newspaper El Mundo, Ossorio assures that with this system of scholarships for ‘cienmileurista’ families proposed by Isabel Díaz Ayuso, they have wanted to “help these people, who are not many either”. “We give 600,000 scholarships, especially to lower incomes, and we wanted 12,000 to be applied for by those middle-class people who perhaps have their private healthcare and say: ‘No one ever remembers me,'” Ossorio pointed out. “We also do it because the situation is getting worse and we think that these families are going to have a hard time making ends meet.”

When the journalist asks him again if it is difficult to make ends meet with 150,000 euros, Ossorio specifies that “35,913 euros is the average income in Madrid and it multiplies depending on the number of children you have. I have four children and I assure you that it is very expensive to support them. If the left and Pedro Sánchez want to think that the middle class are the rich, let them say so, but I’m not going to say it.”

Already this Friday Ossorio defended these scholarships and responded to the appeal presented by United We Can. “We are not worried about any resource that absolutely no one can raise because it is a totally rational scholarship system that looks first, and it cannot be otherwise for people who have fewer resources,” he stressed.

In this sense, he demanded that families stop being “scared” with the possibility of having to repay the aid and has stressed that both the regulatory bases and the calls have had an “absolutely favorable” report from the legal service of the Community of Madrid and “comply with the law”.

Along the same lines, he stressed that “all the Autonomous Communities” have scholarship systems and, in the case of Madrid, it reaches 600,000 people, mainly low-income people, and now 18,000 middle-class families will benefit.