Tuesday, July 5

The Minister of Education of Murcia who was part of Vox wants to review the textbooks to ensure their “ideological neutrality”

The Minister of Education of the Region of Murcia, Mabel Campuzano, who was part of Vox, has indicated this Wednesday that she will review the new books adapted to Lomloe that arrive in Murcian classrooms for ideological reasons. This resolution is not new, since it was also announced this Tuesday by the Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso. The Murcian counselor believes that “the ideological burden found in the curricula does not respect the principles of ideological neutrality and rigor that are required in the normal functioning of the educational system.” The curricula that the former representative of Vox considers “ideological burden” include educating in human rights, the gender perspective, environmental sustainability or respect for affective-sexual diversity.

This revision will be applied to the third year of Primary and third year of ESO, those in which the new manuals will be introduced. On the other hand, both in the peer courses and in the first year of Secondary, the old Lomce books that have been in the book bank of the educational centers for two years will continue to be used. These, and in accordance with the regional free law, could continue to be used for two more years.

This review is related to the Free Textbook Program in the Region that began in 2020, popularly known as the Book Check. Thanks to this, students enrolled in Murcian public Primary Schools, Compulsory Secondary Education, Basic Vocational Training and Special Education receive their respective textbooks free of charge. It is the Murcian Ministry of Education that is in charge of the purchase and provision of the material. They have benefited from benefits first and second, both Primary and ESO. However, third will no longer receive the books from the Education Department and it is this course that will be allowed to purchase, from their own pockets, the revised Lomloe books.

The Book Check system has been criticized by some directors of educational centers in the Region because it was always the same student body that was releasing books, since it was applied first in the first year of ESO and in the following years the successive courses, “So those who went behind inherited used manuals.”

This sea of ​​questions regarding what will happen to the textbooks for the next course in the Region has plunged booksellers, teachers and publishers into “confusion”, many of whom have already made their “complaints” against the procedure that is taking place.

Mabel Campuzano also announced last year that inclusive language would be removed from textbooks, but this proposal was ultimately downgraded in the motion approved by the Regional Assembly.