Sunday, September 19

The Minister of Health of Castilla y León maintains its reform and says that Mañueco has endorsed it

The Minister of Health of Castilla y León, Verónica Casado, presented again this Monday the plan that the regional president, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, wanted to withdraw last week. Casado maintains his reform – in which his team has been working for the last year and a half – and ensures that the president himself supports it.

This is how it has positioned itself after a meeting with the presidents of the provincial councils (seven from the PP, one from Citizens and one from the PSOE), which the counselor has described as “fruitful”. In addition to the Minister of Health and the presidents of the councils, the vice president, Francisco Igea, and the manager of Sacyl, Manuel Mitadiel, attended the meeting. Verónica Casado has promised more meetings to reach “the greatest possible consensus” while executing the plan previously envisaged and on which Igea a few weeks ago refused to negotiate because it had already been debated in recent months.

Casado has refused to resign and has affirmed that he does not see “serious” that “nothing” is raised. “The Castilians and Leonese would not understand that at this time we decided to leave. It does not seem to me that we have to do it and I am not willing to leave,” has settled the Minister of Health, whom unions and political parties have demanded his resignation on several occasions .

Casado has also denied having felt “unauthorized” in recent days, despite the support of the PP for a Non-Law Proposal of the PSOE against its health policy, the meeting between Mañueco and the socialist leader, Luis Tudanca, and that he summoned the counselor to meet with Tudanca, that she would send him a letter inviting him to a meeting and that he has not yet received a response from the opposition leader.

“I don’t know when the legislature will end”

The counselor has rejected a possible electoral advance, since “both the spokesman and the president have said no.” Last week, Mañueco conditioned this electoral advance to “political and parliamentary stability”. However, shortly before he had a slip and affirmed that he hoped to be able to execute his health plan “before the end of the legislature.” “I do not know when it will end,” he clarified.

Regarding the recovery of normality in face-to-face consultations by appointment, Casado has assured that it is one more step in the de-escalation, in line with the reduction of restrictions in non-health areas. “These are things that we already have in place,” he pointed out.

According to the Minister of Health, the Popular Party voted in favor of withdrawing the restructuring plan of Health, a plan “that does not exist”, since what the Ministry implements are more than a hundred proposals prepared by experts and not a plan Properly said. “We have not withdrawn any restructuring plan. We have a resource plan and the reinforcement of Primary Care. We have not withdrawn anything,” Casado insisted.

“In no way have I said that I assumed I was wrong”

The counselor has assured that the presidents of the deputation have been “very grateful” for the information he has given them and that they have been “willing to continue working.” Given the criticism of the president of the Valladolid Provincial Council, Conrado Íscar, Casado has denied having recognized any mistake in his approach. “In no way have I said that I assumed that I was wrong,” stressed Casado, who has described the development of this issue as “complicated”, but “at no time” has he acknowledged being wrong. The counselor has avoided the controversy and has urged to work “all together” for rural health. “We don’t have to work on whether or not I was wrong.”

“All my team and the Junta de Castilla y León have to act now. We want to do health policy with capital letters, not do politics with health,” claimed Casado, who ensures that his project does not come “out of nowhere”, if not consensus with groups of experts – who are in politics and who are not. “Of the people who worked, four are from the PP, including Alejandro Vázquez -health spokesman for the PP in the Cortes,” stressed Casado, who has insisted that his portfolio ‘develops’ these proposals.

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