Friday, September 30

The Minister of the Environment of Castilla y León blames the fires on environmentalists and their “new fashions”

In an interview on Cadena SER, the Minister for the Environment of Castilla y León, Juan Carlos Suárez Quiñones, blamed ecologists for the recent fires in the Community. In a year and a half there have been the two most serious fires in the history of the community (Navalacruz in Ávila and the Sierra de La Culebra in Zamora) and the largest in Spain (Losacio, Zamora).

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Quiñones, responsible for the Environment since 2015 with the Popular Party, has justified the great virulence of the latest fires in the lower amount of forestry work, the change in land use and the lower agricultural and livestock activity, in an “extreme climatic anomaly ” and in “certain new fashions of environmentalism regarding the cleaning of riverbanks make it difficult to clean the mountains”.

The regional head of the Environment has defended that this is a “complex” issue and has warned that “extreme” environmentalism “difficults” action in the mountains and their cleaning. “It is not the cause, it is one of the elements that must be worked on and one of the factors that add up to prevent a better state of the forests,” he stated in the radio interview.

Forest firefighting teams have been demanding for years that the operation be maintained one hundred percent in winter to carry out prevention work. The Socialist Group promoted expanding the operation, a motion that was supported by all opposition groups while PP and Vox rejected, so it did not go ahead. Juan Carlos Suárez-Quiñones is scheduled to appear this Monday afternoon in the regional parliament to report on the fire in the Sierra de La Culebra, which affected 25,000 hectares.

Last week, Vox’s reaction to the fires was already controversial, which also blamed “radical environmentalism.” In fact, the regional vice president, Juan García-Gallardo, announced several measures by “the Vox ministries” for the fires, which included a program for the unemployed to clean the forests and a benefit concert, among others. The professional associations of forest firefighters have warned of the risk that unqualified personnel carry out these tasks due to the risk of having an accident at work.

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