Wednesday, July 6

The Minister of the Environment of the Dominican Republic is shot dead in his office

The Minister of the Environment of the Dominican Republic, Orlando Jorge Mera, was assassinated this Monday when he was shot in his office, according to political sources cited by the EFE agency. The Ministry of the Environment has not offered official information about what happened and, in an official note, has expressed the institution’s “dismay” at the events that occurred.

As reported, an armed person entered the politician’s office and a shot was heard. Other sources have reported that a total of six shots were heard in the office and that the attacker, who entered the room alone, escaped after firing the shots.

So far it has not been determined whether the aggressor is a military or civilian, or if he had any ties to the ministry, they point out. from the newspaper

Members of the security forces have been deployed in front of the ministry. The compound has been evacuated and ambulances and numerous police officers have been moved to the scene.

“From the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources we are dismayed by the situation presented this Monday morning, so far we do not have precise details of the situation that occurred in the ministry’s facilities”, this institution has written in its official profile from Twitter.