Wednesday, May 18

The Minister of Transport, on the strikes: “I am not going to sit down with a group of radicals that uses violence”

“I am not going to sit down with a group of radicals that uses violence.” This is how the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda has expressed herself about the conveners of the transport stoppages, carried out since Monday, which are already having an effect on the industry, especially in the food industry.

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Some groups that link to the extreme right. “If we see the declarations of members of the extreme right, who support the acts, the boycott, who call to demonstrate this Saturday in Madrid”, he has justified. Statements that, he indicates, call to act with “nails, sticks and stones that try to intimidate.”

“There are claims that coincide -with those requested by other carrier associations- but they cannot be prevented through coercion and violence”, Sánchez emphasized.

Who represents the sector?

The Minister of Transport has recalled that the representation of the sector and the Government’s interlocutor is the National Committee for Road Transport (CNTC). The Spanish Freight Transport Confederation (CETM) is in it, which has a weight of 53%. In addition, Fenadismer (26%) and, with representation of less than 10%, three other associations, Fetransa, Feintra and Astic. Associations that, for the moment, have not supported the stoppages, although in the last few hours some of them have left the door open to do so since the stoppages are long-lasting.

“Make it clear that we are not talking about a strike or a lockout. The Committee is the legitimate interlocutor, which does not support these mobilizations”, which Sánchez insists are linked to “minority sectors of ultras supported by the extreme right”.

Raquel Sánchez has recalled that this Thursday the Congress has validated the Decree, with the measures agreed in December, which stopped the transport strike -in this case it was supported by the Committee- on Christmas Eve.

The representative of the Executive has made these statements after meeting with social agents and representatives of professional associations. Among them, CCOO, UGT, the Transport Committee, as well as presidents of public companies such as Renfe, Aena and construction employers.

Measurements in the next few days

Minister Sánchez has stressed that measures will be taken in the coming days, also on the price of fuel, diesel.

“We have committed ourselves to advancing as much as possible”, he pointed out to the media. “We are committed, we are going to act in an agile and forceful way,” she adds.

“Most carriers want to exercise their right to work” and therefore “we will not tolerate this pulse.”

He recalled that the Ministry of the Interior has mobilized more than 15,000 agents to prevent incidents. “Transfer that we are going to be forceful in the application of the law and in the repression of violent behavior”, he has summed up.