Sunday, August 7

The Ministry of Ione Belarra reproaches Marlaska for returning the minors ignoring his offer of a reunification protocol

United We can pronounce on the decision of the Ministry of the Interior to return the 800 migrant minors who arrived alone in Ceuta in May and have so far remained temporarily sheltered in the autonomous city. The resolution has not pleased the Ministry of Social Rights and Agenda 2030, led by Ione Belarra, who reproaches Fernando Grande-Marlaska for carrying out the operation without responding to his offer to work together on a “protocol for the family reunification of boys and girls that migrate alone that complies with national and international regulations “.

Ceuta’s challenge: welcoming more than 1,000 migrant minors in the face of their unlikely return to Morocco

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Sources from the Ministry, which does not have the enforcement capacity in this case, emphasize that a return process of this type “must have a protocol that includes individualized interviews with the children” and “detailed knowledge on the part of the Prosecutor’s Office of the procedure.”

In order to deliver a migrant child under guardianship to his family, it is necessary to comply with a series of procedures established in the legislation: check the documentation (with photography) through a filioparental procedure developed in coordination with the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which includes asking the child and his parents about their desire to regroup, detail sources from the autonomous city. In the decision, the best interests of the minor must prevail, which is why it requires an individualized analysis and the return can never be forced.

The document that encourages returns, to which has had access, is covered by “article 5 of the Agreement between the Kingdom of Spain and the Kingdom of Morocco on cooperation in the field of preventing the illegal emigration of minors unaccompanied, their protection and their concerted return, made in Rabat on March 6, 2007 “.

It is ensured that the operation will respect “at all times” the “interests and rights” of minors. They will be taken over by the Kingdom of Morocco until, as soon as possible, “they are handed over to their parents” as soon as possible. “In the case of no parents, L’Entraide Nationale will take care of the minors”, says the resolution