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The minor raped in Igualada does not remember anything because of the blow to the head that her aggressor gave her

The 16-year-old girl who was raped in the early hours of November 1 at the exit of a nightclub in Igualada (Barcelona) explained to the judge on Tuesday that she suffers from consequences and traumas, such as “panic” to leave the house or sleeping problems , due to the aggression, of which he does not remember “anything” due to the amnesia caused by the blow he received on the head.

The judge sends the accused of the Igualada rape to provisional prison and charges him with attempted murder

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The minor has declared this Tuesday by videoconference before the judge of the Court of Instruction 4 of Igualada that she is investigating the case, one month after the arrest of the alleged perpetrator of the aggression, B. R, a 20-year-old with a history of sexual crimes who is in pretrial detention at Brians 1 prison.

During her statement, the minor had the support of a team of psychologists to be able to answer the questions that the judge asked her from the courtroom, where her alleged aggressor was, with whom she has not had eye contact at any time. time, as established by law, reports EFE.

As explained by the attorneys for the accusation, the minor has indicated that she does not remember “anything” of the sexual assault due to the “strong blow” she received on the right side of the head and “because of the consequences suffered”, not even She remembers that she was going to the train station to return home, after having celebrated Halloween night with some friends at the Épic nightclub in Igualada, when she was assaulted by her alleged rapist.

In this sense, he has recounted that he remembers having gone to the cloakroom before leaving the premises to pick up his backpack and change the high-heeled shoes he had been wearing until then for slippers to be able to walk better and that when he left the nightclub he met a friend.

Later, she said in her statement, in which she has been “very whole” at all times, she said goodbye to the friend and no longer remembers anything, only what they have told her later. “It has practically erased the facts,” underlined the minor’s lawyer, Jorge Albertini, after highlighting that the young woman attacked suffers from an amnesia of everything she lived between November 1 – when the attack took place – and November 11. month.

The victim has been able to explain in detail that she has undergone six surgeries as well as the consequences and traumas she has suffered and still suffers: many sleepless nights, severe headaches or panic to leave the house, some of which returned to resurface with the arrest of the alleged rapist. “It has destroyed the life of a girl”, Albertini has summed up in reference to the aggressor.

After the hearing, the judge has decided that the victim does not have to testify again when the trial is held, by validating Tuesday’s statement as pre-constituted evidence.

Despite the fact that the victim has not been able to explain what happened between November 1 and 11, his lawyer has assured that everything is “very tied” given the existence of convincing evidence that incriminates BR

The alleged rapist has followed his victim’s statements with an attitude of “pastism”, “disrespectful” and “indifferent”, keeping his head down and looking lost at all times. He has only raised his head to sign the relevant documents, once the hearing is over, the lawyers specify.

From the nightlife association Fecasarm, which exercises the popular accusation in this case, Joaquim Boadas, has asked the administrations for more forceful awareness campaigns, more frequency on public transport and on trains at night and a greater deterrent police presence in leisure areas so that young people feel safe, because going out at night is not dangerous.

Next Friday, June 3, the Barcelona Court will hold a hearing for the appeal of the victim’s family’s lawyer against the request of the defense of the alleged perpetrator, who requested that he be released alleging violation of rights.