Wednesday, October 20

The minor who recorded the beating of Amorebieta-Etxano surrenders to the police station

The 15-year-old who recorded with his mobile and later spread through social networks the group beating of a young man in Amorebieta-Etxano (Bizkaia) turned himself in on Tuesday at the police station after the Ertzaintza went to known addresses with the intention of stopping it. According to the Department of Security, he is a minor, although, being over 14 years old, he is legally attributable. With this, there are already fifteen people arrested in relation to the events and the Ertzaintza, which does not rule out further arrests, is keeping the investigation open. The victim, a 23-year-old native of Lemoa, has remained, since July 25, “in a serious prognosis” in the ICU of the Cruces hospital, as he has brain damage and is in a coma. His family has indicated on more than one occasion that they trust only in a “miracle”.

The Ertzaintza points to a “violent gang” that operates in greater Bilbao as responsible for the beating of Amorebieta-Etxano

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In one of the videos that was disseminated on social networks, the attackers could be seen rummaging in the pockets of the victim after the attack. “Kill him, kill him”, “Leave the keys lying there, eh”, “record it”, are some of the phrases that could be heard in the recording for which the minor has now turned himself in at the police station. According to the Security Department, this last minor had already been identified by the Ertzaintza, which on Monday contacted the family and announced that it would proceed to arrest him. Accompanied by a relative, they explain, he has appeared at the police offices of the Biscayan town of Sestao and will be delivered to the Prosecutor’s Office for Minors throughout this Tuesday.

The Ertzaintza investigation has elucidated that the “violent gang” of Los Hermanos Koalas – already with a “record” for “violent acts or aggressions” committed in the past – operates in Greater Bilbao “frightening” the victims and then attacking them and get hold of your belongings. In fact, according to the Basque Police, that same night they left “at least” four other victims.

Since the first arrest took place on July 28, the drip, up to fifteen with the latter, has not stopped. The ages range between 15 and 38 years, eight of them being minors, although all have criminal responsibility. The Ertzaintza, meanwhile, insists that the individuals involved reached their “twenties”, so it does not rule out future arrests.