Friday, September 24

The Minors Area of ​​Ceuta asks the Prosecutor’s Office for protection against the “returns without guarantees” of migrant minors

The Minors Area of ​​Ceuta has requested protection from the Prosecutor’s Office with the aim of “avoiding the violation of the rights of the rest” of the migrant children and adolescents who continue in the autonomous city, after the Ministry of the Interior began to return to Morocco to the first groups of the hundreds of minors who entered the swim in mid-May, as reported by Cadena SER and confirmed by

The letter warns that the technicians of the Minors Area of ​​the Autonomous City, with responsibility for the protection of children and adolescents under the guardianship of the State, “has not participated” in the operation for the return of minors activated this Friday by Interior and the Government of Ceuta, which they call “returns without guarantees.”

The document sent to the Ceuta Prosecutor’s Office recalls that Article 174 of the Civil Code obliges the public entity to notify the Public Prosecutor’s Office of “any incident that occurs” in relation to the minors who are under its custody, for this reason the Technicians from the Ceuta Minors Area have requested protection from the Prosecutor’s Office, on the one hand to warn of their exclusion throughout the process and, on the other, to “avoid the violation of rights” of minors who continue in the autonomous city and they may be subject to a forced return in the next few days.

Although the specific minors named in the car have already been repatriated, the return of hundreds of others continues. The Government ordered last Friday to return the 800 migrant minors who arrived in Ceuta in the biggest recent migration crisis, which occurred in May when Morocco lifted control of the border.

As has been able to verify, the Prosecutor for the Juvenile Hall, Eduardo Esteban, has sent a letter to the Ministry of the Interior in which he requests information on the order given by Marlaska, under an agreement with Morocco, to return children and adolescents in groups without the endorsement of the Prosecutor’s Office, which is required by the Immigration Law. In that communication, the prosecutor of the Supreme Court addresses the Secretary of State for Security chaired by Rafael Pérez Ruiz to report on the order given by the minister to the Government Delegation to proceed with the return of the minors and also send the agreed procedure to carry out the transfer of children and adolescents.

In addition, the Ministry of Social Rights headed by the leader of Podemos, Ione Belarra, warned Marlaska that the chosen procedure may have serious consequences and that in any case the sole responsibility will be for the Interior, after they had been offered formulas for agree to a protocol and be ignored.

They are not the only organizations to criticize these returns: three NGOs, Save The Children, Andalucía Acoge and Gentium, have submitted to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child an individual communication requesting urgent provisional measures on behalf of ten of the 1,108 Unaccompanied Moroccan minors who accessed Ceuta between May 17 and 19 demanding the urgent suspension of repatriations.