Sunday, May 22

The minors arrested for the crime of Samuel Luiz, sentenced to three and a half years of internment for murder

Two of those arrested for the crime of Samuel Luiz who were minors when the events occurred, in July of last year, have been sentenced to three and a half years of internment for murder, to serve in a juvenile center, after an agreement of agreement between the parties involved.

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This has been reported by the Superior Court of Xustiza de Galicia (TSXG) after confirming on Tuesday that earlier this month they were already sentenced after an agreement of conformity between the parties and that they were serving their sentence in an internment center in closed regime.

From the Galician high court, they ratified that they were not at liberty, a possibility that existed after the maximum term of nine months of internment was reached that they could be in a juvenile center from their arrest if a trial was not held or to an agreement, as was ultimately the case.

Probation when they get out

Now they are serving the sentence in a closed regime in a center for minors, to which is added the measure of probation for three years, “to be served once they leave the center”, they specify from the TSXG in relation to a case followed in a court juvenile.

After Samuel Luiz’s crime, seven people were arrested, five adults, including a woman, and the two young people who were minors at the time of the events. For these, their admission to a juvenile center was decreed and for three adults their admission to prison. In the case of two others, including the woman, they are free, although investigated, for these facts.

Due to the death of the young man, after a brutal beating at the exit of a premises on Buenos Aires Avenue in A Coruña, in the early hours of July 3, the Prosecutor’s Office and accusations request a crime of murder for those investigated. At the moment, they are waiting for a trial date to be set, which, some sources consulted by Europa Press, do not place before the summer.