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The miracle of Bugs Bunny: how he saved the life of Mel Blanc | Digital Trends Spanish

The decade of the 60s began and Mel Blanc, the voice actor who voiced characters like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Tweety, was at the peak of his career. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences had recently given the only Oscar (1958) that Bugs Bunny would achieve. They called him “the man with a thousand voices,” so if there was a famous animated character on television, his voice was most likely Mel Blanc’s.

Then a fatal accident occurred. Aboard a luxurious Aston Martin sports car, Blanc suffered a spectacular accident. His car collided head-on with another, leaving him with his legs, a fractured pelvis and a coma that lasted for two weeks. All sorts of cards came to his hospital ward at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles wishing him a speedy recovery. His son Noel wouldn’t stop talking to him, but it hadn’t worked. Blanc did not respond.

Then one of the doctors who treated him He happened to try to talk to Bugs Bunny. He blurted out “how do you feel, Bugs.” Miraculously, Blanc answered. “I’m fine, Doc.” Surprised, the doctor even asked for Tweety. He also responded. Then the recovery began, which lasted for seven months. But his talent was intact, so much so that he was even able to interpret Pablo Mármol’s opening lines for Los Picapiedra.

Mel Blanc’s miraculous recovery still draws the attention of neurologists around the world. The prestigious Radiolab podcast rescues the testimony of the neurologist who treated Blanc after the accident, who said that in the miraculous recovery “it seems that Bugs Bunny was trying to save his life.” Another specialist, also consulted by Radiolab, maintains that since the actor was careful with his work, the characters he played remained deep in his subconscious.

Bugs Bunny saved Blanc from that terrible accident on January 24, 1961, but could not save him from his human condition and died on July 10, 1989 at age 81, precisely the anniversary that the famous rabbit will celebrate on July 27 .

10 fun facts about Bugs Bunny

1. He was born as a minor character in a Porky cartoon

Bugs Bunny was born on April 30, 1938 as a supporting character in a cartoon in which Porky the pig goes hunting. So Bugs had no name and his appearance was more like that of a hare.

2. He debuted on July 27, 1940

Warner reprized the character he appeared with Porky in an animated short called “A Wild Hare” in which a rabbit named Bugs Bunny drives out the hunter Elmer Grumpy.

3. It’s called Bugs Bunny after one of its creators, Ben Hardaway

Although the final characterization of Bugs Bunny was made by Tex Avery in “A Wild Hare,” the cartoon in which he unhinged Elmer, the initial character was created by Ben Hardaway, who was nicknamed “Bugs.” That made Warner refer to the character as Bugs Bunny or “Bug’s Bunny.”

4. Holds the rank of Honorary Master Sergeant by the US Marines.

In the cartoon “Super-Rabbit,” Bugs appears dressed as the soldiers of the US Marine Corps. That caused the institution to give him an honorary position.

5. Has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

It was given to him in 1985 and he is the only character in the Looney Toones who has one.

6. His personality is based on Groucho Marx

Bugs Bunny faces imminent dangers with humor, a parallel with the actor Groucho Marx. Even in his debut cartoon, Bugs says “of course, you know this means war” (“of course you know, this means war!”), Which the famous actor said before. Also, the pose of Bugs chewing on a carrot is a tribute to Marx’s cigar.

7. Sometimes Bugs loses to Elmer

It occurs in cartoons like “What’s Opera” from 1957 and which is a parody of Wagner’s operas.

8. A New York accent

The English voice of Bugs Bunny, which corresponds to Mel Blanc, has a New York accent. But not from anywhere, but from the Bronx and Booklyn.

9. Mel Blanc, who voiced Bugs Bunny, was not allergic to carrots.

In 1945, Warner animators told the New York Times that Blanc chewed carrots that he spit out in order to make the iconic Bugs Bunny sound. They added that he had to spit them out so as not to get sick, and that led to the newspaper publishing that Blanc was allergic to carrots.

10. Blanc’s epitaph has a reference to Bugs Bunny

The epitaph on the grave of Mel Blanc, the actor who voiced Bugs Bunny

And that reference is “That’s all folks.”

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