Tuesday, October 19

The mirror in which you look at yourself

The legendary Camarón sang it:

The mirror where you look at yourself / It will tell you how you are / But it will never tell you / The thoughts you have

If your illness has no cure / I am asking God / That in the same grave / They bury us both

Now that Pablo Casado is torn between oblivion and memory until he touches the denial of the worst memories of his party, he embraces Nicolás Sarkozy, “an example to follow.” The president of the PP denies every day the darkest past of his acronym, but appears next to the first president in the history of France convicted of corruption, influence peddling and illegal financing. This is called knowing how to choose companies well. Who will have been responsible for the list of “guest stars” at the national convention of the popular? What a eye!

There is no greater dose of memory of the price paid for structural corruption and of what its passage through the institutions meant for the public coffers. La Gürtel, the Púnica, Lezo, Kitchen cases, box B, the Bárcenas papers, the patriotic police, the illegal works of the popular headquarters, the illegal commissions, spying on the adversary …

None of this is in the imagination of Casado, who set himself as a slogan not to answer questions about it. He says that the systemic corruption of the PP has nothing to do with him or with his responsibilities as party president, but the past, like the postman, always calls twice, even more… On some occasions in the form of a judicial pronouncement; in others, in the heat of public debate and from time to time, because of bad company.

If Sarkozy, sentenced to three years in prison, represents the essence of what Casado wants for himself and for his party, there is nothing more to say. If it is the mirror in which the leader of the Spanish right looks at himself, we can imagine the future that awaits him. And if his presence at the PP convention was intended to whitewash the character, the PP militancy must have been perplexed. With the ease of the former president of France to give advice to the Spanish right and with the choice of the character for the great ideological bet? of the PP.

Casado has had a frog on his “big week”. The national convention does not talk about a project or ideology, but about the absence of Ayuso –who has gone to the Americas but is more present in the Spanish media than ever–; of the greatsword that Vidal Quadras gave him for his “blindness” to the ruthless autonomous state; of the spoils of other parties that the PP has collected for its ranks; of the rapacity of a speaker for having fewer women for his “ideological festival” than those who sit on the boards of directors of the Ibex 35 and for the clamorous skid of being photographed with Sarkozy 24 hours before a second sentence for financing was known illegal against the French president.

As if that were not enough, Mariano Rajoy, who is the least pious of all the former presidents of the Government, has met in La Toja with Felipe González and has sent him a letter on the urgency of reaching agreements between the major parties, the need to renew the General Council of the Judiciary, the “capital” importance of European funds and the consequences of political polarization. An amendment to the entirety of his entire political strategy.

Do not forget either Aznar, who has taken advantage of the appointment to remind his pupil that “Spain is a nation, not seven or 17. A plural nation, but one. It is not a plurinational state, nor multilevel nor the mother who gave birth to them. “and that Ayuso is right when he criticizes the Pope for asking Mexico for forgiveness. Between them, what a troop! Rajoy would say. Well, that is the mirror in which you look.


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