Sunday, January 16

The mission of linking movement, feelings, thinking and attitudes of the user

The remembrance and impact will be better and more efficient, people memorize more the beautiful moments.

In this way, summer becomes the perfect setting and 2022 will launch new strategies fundamentally supported by digital technologies.

The industry grew so much at the information processing level that a person can simultaneously be exposed to an “advertisement” in many ways through an omnichannel strategy. Following the path of an individual in such a difficult space where the axis is centered on families, friends, entertainment, for brands it is complex, it is an arduous digital task that will have to focus on very few highly relevant, highly personalized messages In the here and now of each one, from going to the theater, to dinner, to live concerts or an outing with friends, people are on the move, the old geolocation by itself became obsolete.

The phrase that says: ¨A brand cannot be everything for everyone, you have to bet on being something unique to someone. Getting there with a message has to do with generating real branding.

CEO & Founder de Youknow Digital.