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The mix of Optimus Prime and Wall-E fixes trains in Japan | Digital Trends Spanish

The West Japan Rail Company (JR West) presented a few days ago a robot that is in charge of the maintenance of the railway lines, both lights, rails, and signs where the train passes. The funny thing is that this work android resembles the best mix between Optimus Prime of transformers and wall e.

The robot has a large human-like torso and terrifying mechanical claw hands. It is mounted on a hydraulic crane, which travels the rail system in a specially made vehicle.

【New Release】
生産性 ・ 向上 に 向け て 、 株式 会社 一体 および 日本 信号 会社 と 共同 で 、 重機 ロボット と 鉄道 工事 用 車 両 を 融合 さ せ た た 多機 能 鉄道 重機 を 開発 し て い。


— JR西日本ニュース【公式】 (@news_jrwest) April 15, 2022

A video posted on Twitter shows the robot lifting and positioning some reasonably large components, as well as cleaning overhead rail structures with a special multi-angle brush.

JR West is developing this machine in association with Human Machinery co. and Nippon Signal.

The robot is operated by a human pilot wearing a VR headset. The operator uses motion tracking to control the movement of cameras perched on top of the robot’s torso.

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