Wednesday, March 22

The Mobile World Congress removes the Russian flag and condemns the invasion of Ukraine

The Mobile World Congress, which takes place next week in Barcelona, ​​has confirmed that there will be no Russian pavilion at this year’s edition as a result of the Russian attack in Ukraine. Sources from the organization, the GSMA, have indicated that the show complies “with all the political and governmental sanctions” derived from the conflict.

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In addition, the GMSA “strongly condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine” and adds that it reviews event security “constantly as information emerges. “The MWC is a unifying event,” they recall from the organization.

“In the face of this emerging situation and considering the tragic loss of life, the MWC seems irrelevant in these circumstances. The MWC is a unifying event with a vision of convening the mobile ecosystem to advance the ways and means in which connectivity can ensure that people, industry and society prosper”, sources from the organization point out.

“The situation is evolving rapidly and we understand that several countries are considering broader sanctions against Russia,” they add. The Russian pavilion no longer appears on the Mobile World Congress website.