Wednesday, August 10

The ‘money junkie’ now says he manipulated the recordings of the ‘Taula case’

Marcos Benavent, the self-described ‘money junkie’, has reappeared this Wednesday in the City of Justice of Valencia to deny everything he has declared since the beginning of the investigation of the ‘Taula case’. Benavent has arrived on time and accompanied by his new lawyer, Juan Carlos Navarro.

The cornerstone of the ‘Taula case’ has refused to make statements to journalists, visibly annoyed by the siege of the press. At the exit of the City of Justice some spontaneous has shouted “corrupt” in his wake.

Benavent has given a 180 degree turn to his version of events, which he had maintained for six years, and has assured that the recordings were manipulated by him and his father-in-law after recording them at the time. The new version, according to legal sources, is that Benavent and his father-in-law listened to the recordings and edited them.

In addition, he has also questioned the chain of custody of the two memory sticks that his father-in-law provided to the investigators. Benavent has also questioned the record in the office of his previous lawyer (where the documentation that led to the investigation of the ‘Erial case’ that affects former minister Eduardo Zaplana emerged).

The statement of the ‘money junkie’ before the head of the Court of Instruction number 18 of Valencia and the anti-corruption prosecutor, which has lasted half an hour, aims to knock down the audios that his father-in-law, Mariano López, contributed to the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, by the hand of the then provincial deputy and today councilor of the Generalitat Valenciana Rosa Pérez Garijo.

The last visit to the City of Justice has caused great media hype. The new strategy of the ‘money junkie’ in the ‘Taula case’ aims to knock down the ten hours recorded clandestinely by Benavent to various positions of the PP. The audios allowed the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office and the Civil Guard’s Central Operational Unit (UCO) to pull the thread to unravel the alleged corruption plot. The case has been broken up into ten separate pieces.