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The Montaners: the new reality show that Disney Plus premieres | Digital Trends Spanish

On November 9, it will hit the screens of Disney Plus the reality show The Montanerswhich will touch on the family adventures and the stories of the intimate nucleus of the singer Ricardo Montaner.

This reality that is made up of 10 episodes will premiere in two parts, the first five now and the second part will arrive in 2023. This show was recorded during 2021 and will follow the family of the Montaner: Ricardo, Marlene, Mau, Ricky and Evalunaand their partners Stefi, Sara and Camilowho have become a true phenomenon in social networks and whose father is one of the greatest icons of music in Spanish.

The Montaners | Official Trailer | Disney+

The series will also reveal the most intimate moments of the Montaners, providing unrestricted access to their private lives and revealing behind the scenes of events that gained great notoriety in the press and on social media, such as Ricky and Stefi’s wedding, the birth of their son of Eva Luna Y Camilo, Indigo and the desire of Mau and Sara to form a family, which was crowned with the conception of the sixth grandson of Apolo, Ricardo and Marlene, who has just been born.

“We have a program that really shows you the magic that this family has. I think what people will take away from this is this amazing family going through things that we all go through and seeing them handle it together in a way that’s really amazing. I mean, I think by the end of the show, you’re going to want to be a part of this family,” creator Lex Borrero, who produced the series through his and Tommy Mottola’s joint content studio, told The Wrap.

“We didn’t want to have a show about a lot of drama or create circumstances with tons of tension so that gossip blogs could write about it. We wanted a show that really felt like a music documentary, because at the end of the day, this is a family full of musicians. Nothing that happens on the show was scripted in any way. All we did was ask them exactly what they were going to do and we documented it,” explained the producer.

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