Monday, September 20

The Mossos are investigating whether a body found in El Prat is the man who killed his son in a hotel in Barcelona

The Mossos d’Esquadra have found a body in a marsh area near the Barcelona-El Prat Airport and they suspect that it could be Martín Ezequiel Álvarez, the man who killed his son on August 24 in a hotel in the capital Catalan. Catalan police sources indicate that the corpse’s fingerprints are still being analyzed.

The hypothesis of the suicide of Martín Ezequiel is one of those that the researchers handle. The 44-year-old man, an economist, born in Argentina and nationalized Spanish, left the hotel in the center of Barcelona where he committed the crime, took a taxi to the airport and lost track of it there.

The hasty flight of the man from the hotel, the fact that he did not carry his passport and that the airport cameras captured him leaving one of the access doors are elements that feed the suicide thesis. Álvarez had not taken any flights or left the country.

The first investigations indicate that the man killed his son with the aim of inflicting extreme harm on his mother, from whom he had recently separated, which would turn the murder into a chaos of vicarious violence, which is carried out by the aggressors in a context of sexist violence against their own children.

Before killing his son, the man sent threatening messages to his ex-partner, and as the crime scene he chose a hotel that he had already frequented. In an unusual event that has not occurred since the attacks of 17-A, the Mossos publicly disseminated Álvarez’s image and asked for citizen collaboration to locate the alleged murderer.

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