Friday, September 30

The Mossos arrest a woman for simulating her kidnapping and using the ransom to play bingo

The Mossos d’Esquadra have arrested a woman who simulated her own kidnapping by notifying her sentimental partner that she was being held and that the kidnappers were demanding 6,000 euros to free her, while she was safe and sound playing bingo in Badalona (Barcelona).

As reported by the Mossos, the events date back to the night of October 4 when the husband of the alleged victim informed the Badalona police station that he had received various communications through his mobile phone where his wife informed him of the kidnapping and of the conditions to release it. It so happens that at that time the complainant was being treated in a hospital.

During the investigations, the agents were able to verify that this woman was not kidnapped and that she had been able to access part of the money that her partner had paid as a ransom.

Hours later, the agents found her safely in a gambling room while she was playing a game of bingo, where they arrested her for simulating a crime and extorting the complainant, on whom the arrested woman had imposed the payment of the ransom through threats. towards his own life.

After testifying at the police station and under the supervision of the magistrate in charge of the case, the detainee was released with the obligation to appear in court when required by the judge.