Friday, July 30

The Mossos arrest a young man for a homophobic attack in Barcelona

The Mossos d’Esquadra arrested a 19-year-old young man on Tuesday for assaulting a man for homophobic reasons on June 5 near the Montjuïc fountains, on the Paseo de Santa Madrona in Barcelona. The detainee acted with another young man already identified and together with a third party they are the alleged perpetrators of several violent robberies committed between mid-May and early June in this area.

As reported by the Mossos in a statement, the detainee has been released after going to court this week. Investigators have been able to determine that the arrested person would be part of a group that was dedicated to committing robberies in the Montjuïc mountain area, and they do not rule out that they selected their victims based on their sexual condition.

The attack took place around 1 in the morning, when the detainee, accompanied by another person, attacked a 42-year-old man who was alone. While one grabbed him by the neck, the other punched him in the face until he fell to the ground. Later, they continued to attack him while insulting him for his sexual condition, the Mossos have indicated.

Finally, the victim was able to get rid of his attackers, and fled the scene. As a result of the injuries, he required medical assistance. From the Victim Attention Group (GAV) of the Reus police station, where the attacked young man resides, his condition has been monitored. The Mossos have worked in this case in coordination with the Hate Prosecutor’s Office. The detainee has been released after being brought to justice.

In addition to a hate crime for the attack, the police attribute to the detainee one of robbery with force in a Barcelona home, which he would have committed on the night of May 12 while the victim was sleeping at home, and a violent robbery committed on June 4 in Montjuïc. In addition, investigators have been able to identify two of the other members of the group, two young men aged 19 and 21, who are awaiting arrest. All of them have committed several violent robberies in this area.

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