Monday, December 4

The Mossos denounce 42 people in an operation against illegal car racing in Barcelona

The Mossos d’Esquadra and different local police in the province of Barcelona have coordinated this weekend to carry out an operation against illegal car racing that has resulted in 42 complaints, almost all of them for traffic violations. These massive and dangerous encounters have exploded in recent months in the Barcelona metropolitan area, as was able to verify in a recent report.

The Catalan police had already detected this “increase” in “illegal and massive concentrations” of vehicles, as described in their press release, but until now they had not acted. As explained to this newspaper Rafael Aguilar, head of the central area of ​​investigation of traffic accidents of the Catalan police, when they had tried to intervene they had not detected races, but only concentrations of young people around their cars.

On this occasion, the device, which has had the Mossos Drone Unit and up to ten local police forces (almost all from the Vallès Oriental region), has served to intercept 200 vehicles, of which 42 have been reported for violations of traffic regulations. In addition, one has been fined for positive criminal breathalyzer, two for possession of narcotics and one for weapons.

The controls have been located at the entrances to industrial estates in municipalities such as Granollers, Les Franqueses del Vallès or La Garriga. “In this area, there has been a frequent breach of traffic regulations, especially with regard to night concentrations of different vehicles and the infraction of municipal civic ordinances,” the Mossos point out in a statement.

These concentrations usually bring together hundreds of young people and are convened through Telegram with very little notice.