Friday, February 3

The Mossos investigate a false physiotherapist who abused three women

The Mossos d’Esquadra have criminally denounced a 60-year-old man in Barcelona for an alleged crime of sexual abuse of three women and another of professional intrusion for posing as a physiotherapist.

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The investigation began on March 1, when the three victims went to the police station to report that they had attended individual sessions in the office of a supposed physiotherapist. During these sessions, the accused touched the private parts without his consent. When the women complained about these events, the man claimed that he was part of the treatment, despite the fact that he had not previously warned him.

The agents identified the therapist and consulted both the College of Physiotherapists of Catalonia and the General Council of Colleges of Physiotherapists of Spain. Both entities reported that this person did not appear as a collegiate member, for which she could not carry out this activity.

For all these reasons, the agents opened proceedings for three crimes of sexual abuse and one of professional intrusion that they directed to the investigating court on duty in Barcelona. The defendant is waiting for the judge to summon him to testify about these facts. The researchers do not rule out that there are other affected people.