Wednesday, November 29

The Mossos investigate a homophobic beating of a young man at the Girona train station

The Mossos d’Esquadra investigate a homophobic attack on a young man from Girona. The events occurred in the early hours of Saturday the 19th to Sunday the 20th. The victim returned home around half past five in the morning and was wearing a rainbow mask. He initially intended to take a taxi on Ramon Folch Avenue, but found it unavailable and decided to return to the Sant Narcís neighborhood on foot. When he was passing through the Parc Central, two men between 30 and 40 years old asked him for tobacco. The young man told them that he did not smoke and continued walking. Suddenly, one of the assailants gave him a push and then they punched him in the eye.

The beating continued with constant kicking and insults such as ‘Fucking fagot’, ‘You shouldn’t have been born’ and ‘We will rape you’. After a few minutes, a member of private security from the train station came out to support the young man to protect him. At that moment, the two assailants stopped and, seeing that more security members were arriving, they ran away from the area in the direction of the AVE station.

In statements to the ACN agency, the victim, Tato Leal, explains that he was surprised and that he was “very scared.” “Immediately the case of Samuel de Galicia and other moments came to mind. The truth is that I was very scared, ”he remarks. Leal says that “in no case” was there any reason and that the insults began “for free.” “Just for wearing a rainbow mask, a ‘shitty fagot’ fell on me, on my face,” he laments.

That is why he asks that these acts not be tolerated because “it cannot be that because they are different or think differently, these things happen.” “This cannot happen again, it has to end. It’s not a fight, it’s lynching you for hurting, for hate, ”he points out.

supporting act

As a result of the aggression, an act of support for Tato has been organized this Sunday in the Plaza del Vino de Girona, which has been attended by around fifty people from various entities and political parties. In the end, a manifesto condemning the attacks against the LGTBI community was read.

Pau Gálvez, a member of the group’s platform in Girona, has warned that “there is a trickle of this type of aggression in the demarcation and has lamented that” it is not sufficiently visible “. “Today’s is very serious, but in many towns they insult us and that protects them from continuing to do so if not reported”, he concluded.