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The most amazing speedruns of recent years | Digital Trends Spanish

Speedrunners often surprise us with marks in video games that would be impossible for ordinary mortals, given their high difficulty. It happened recently with the youtuber MitChriz, who completed Elden Ring in only 12 minutes and 32 seconds. A world brand that reminds us of the most amazing speedruns in the world of video games.

While it is true that the record achieved and mentioned above was made “without restrictions”, what is interesting is to see to what extent gamers are able to complete some complex title, such as the case of FromSoftware’s work, and make their mark.

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How did you achieve such a mark?

In detail, MitChriz managed to take advantage of a bug to be able to teleport from one point to another, without the need for our mount, even being able to skip all the bosses, until reaching the last one.

A mode known as zipping and although it has its detractors4, it also has its supporters because, badly or badly, the purpose of a video game is to complete it, no matter how.

Other emblematic classes.

To memory, one that stands out and that already has its time in history, is the one achieved in Metal Gear Solid 2, where a player achieved 100% without saving a game, in manual mode, also achieving other important milestones, such as example the highest rank of Big Boss on the highest difficulty.

For that, the user carried out interesting actions, such as using the freezing spray to avoid enemy attacks or the use of terminal glasses.

A sample that gamers manage to surprise us with the way in which they are able to finish a work.

Quake in less than 12 minutes

Another emblematic case was the one that happened with this classic FPS, which was the first to have a community dedicated to speedrun. At the time, a user finished the title in 11 minutes and 29 seconds, leaving the records shown in parts.

Within the skills shown by the player, for example, the use of rockets to gain speed in horizontal movement, or use them against the ground, in order to get a certain boost.

Dark Souls in less than an hour

Another FromSoftware work that also stood out for its complexity was Dark Souls, which could be beaten in 57 minutes and 16 seconds.

The grace of this brand is that the user takes advantage of various shortcuts, in order to dodge large numbers of enemies, making a title that is difficult in its essence easier than one thinks.

Super Metroid in less than an hour

A classic title that stood out at the time, not only for its spectacular graphics and game mechanics (which are used to this day) but also for its difficulty, was Super Metroid. Nintendo’s work was beaten in 49 minutes and 35 seconds by a user named Garrison.

The audiovisual record can continue to be seen and observe the reaction of those present before such a milestone, with respect to a game that already finishing it in less than 4 hours for many is an odyssey. Worthy of applause, as it happens at the end.

Super Mario 3 and the world brand

Kirua achieved a milestone at the time when he completed Super Mario Bros. 3 in 10 minutes, 44 seconds.

As expected, on this occasion, the user used the famous “flutes” to get directly to the last world, which is a martyrdom for several players to this day, considering that many at the time we could not even in normal mode finish that masterpiece of the big N.

A record that still stands and who knows if it will continue to be renewed over time, as it is such a special job that it is usually replayed by the community, such as Super Mario Bros. 3.

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