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The most expensive champagnes in the world

As the name suggests, champagne always comes from Champagne. The region is around 150 kilometers east of Paris and comprises 320 municipalities in the departments of Marne, Aube, Aisne, Haute-Marne and Seine-et-Marne. Only champagne that has been produced, processed and refined in these five departments is allowed to use this designation.

These are the most expensive champagnes in the world

Rich people on our planet are ready to spend a fortune on some of the finest wines. It is not uncommon to buy a whole house for a bottle of champagne. Here is a selection of special drops:

When Lady Diana and Prince Charles tied the knot in 1981, the hosts served a Mot & Chandon Dom Prignon from 1961. 99 bottles and twelve magnum bottles with a special label were delivered to England for this purpose. It was assumed that all bottles had been drunk at the time, but some of them later reappeared on the market and were sold for around 3,700 euros each.

To further increase the value of their bottles, Dom Prignon had a bottle designed by director David Lynch in 1998. In total, only ten bottles of three liters each were produced from this Ros series. The price was estimated to be around 10,500 euros.

Hidden treasures on the high seas

In November 2000, 168 bottles of a very special drop were found in a shipwreck off the Finnish coast: a 200-year-old Juglar Cuve. What is special about this find is that the Juglar champagne house no longer exists today. For this reason, the bottles are even more unique and were able to achieve prices of around 31,000 euros at auctions.

Another sea find occurred again in 1998 off the Finnish coast. In 1916 the Swedish cargo ship “Jnkping” headed for Russia with several boxes from 1907 Heidsieck. However, the cargo ship was sunk by German submarines on November 3, 1916. It was not until 1998 that around 2,000 bottles were recovered and sold. Nowadays, interested parties have to put more than 200,000 euros on the table for one of these bottles.

The most expensive bottle in the world

The bottle of Champagne Got de Diamants sells for around 1.8 million euros. The content of the most expensive bottle in the world is not the main reason for the high price, but rather the label decorated with 18-carat gold, which was designed by the designer Alexander Amosu. A diamond also adorns the bottle.

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