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The most expensive MacBook Pro and AirPods 3 are in Brazil | Digital Trends Spanish

This Monday, October 18, Apple presented the new MacBook Pro and the third generation of AirPods, which generated excitement among fans of the apple company. The problem is that many were struck by the high price of the devices.

In this sense, Brazil is once again the territory where Apple’s news will be sold more expensively. The place 9to5Mac published a comparison with the costs of both products, where the South American nation once again appears as the least convenient to become the new company.

For example, the basic 14-inch Mac model, which costs $ 1,999 in the United States, costs more than double in Brazil: $ 4,859.19.

Thus, at the same price, you could get one of the top configurations of the 16-inch MacBook Pro with an M1 Max chip.

Higher 14-inch MacBook Pro prices for base model:

  • Brazil: $ 4,895.10 dollars
  • Hungary: $ 2,824.76
  • Norway: $ 2,788.99
  • Sweden: $ 2,768.71
  • Poland: $ 2,732.40

Highest 16-inch MacBook Pro prices for base model:

  • Brazil: $ 5,982.94 dollars
  • Norway: $ 3,501.37 dollars
  • Hungary: $ 3,466.76 dollars
  • Sweden: $ 3,461.03
  • Denmark: $ 3,401.25

Highest prices for AirPods 3:

  • Brazil: $ 434.95
  • India: $ 245.58
  • Sweden: $ 241.73
  • Denmark: $ 241.68
  • Hungary: $ 240.71

If you want to know the costs of these devices in other territories you can access this ready comparative.

Of course, those who are interested in acquiring either of these two devices recently launched by Apple, it is suggested to buy them in other markets and move away from Brazil, which often has the company’s most expensive products.

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