Friday, December 3

The most expensive trio on the IBEX 35

Solaria, Inditex and Fluidra have the highest PER of the IBEX 35 right now. Investors use this metric to gauge how cheap or expensive a security is and, based on this, these three companies are the most expensive of the main indicator of the Spanish stock market.

Solaria is the most expensive of the three with a PER of 48.65 times in a difficult stock market year in which their titles fell 30 percent, the second value that fell the most on the selective, while the pressure from hedge funds has not stopped since the start of 2020.

Bears pressure Solaria

It currently has three bears within its shareholding and between the three they add up to 2.89 percent of the share capital. Solaria is under pressure to be able to comply with the strategic plan, once the market questions its objectives of installed capacity and profitability of the contracts.

Analysts hesitate with Solaria, while Bank of America sees 80 percent potential, other world-class entities like Goldman Sachs and UBS they disagree with the objectives set despite increasing their profit until September by 50 percent in the interannual rate.

At the moment, 50 percent of the experts compiled by Bloomberg urge to “buy” shares of the company, for a 27.2 percent who advise to “keep” the securities in the portfolio and a 22.2 percent who prefer ” sell ”the positions. The average potential is 17.5 percent.

Inditex and the 100,000 million capitalization

Inditex has a PER of 37.43 times in a trading year with an increase since January of 20 percent. Experts trust Inditex and therefore see the world’s largest retail giant with a market capitalization of over 100,000 million.

The valuation is produced by an average target price of 32.72 euros for one year, which yields a potential revaluation of 6 percent that would lead to a capitalization that it has already managed to overcome recently.

Despite this, the majority of the consensus, 45.7 percent, prefers to “keep” the securities in the portfolio at a complex moment for the stock that suffered a penalty on Friday of 4.21 percent on the IBEX 35 after the arrival of the new restrictions in Europe, with confinement in Austria which could be followed by Germany due to the increase in infections, which could lead to new trade closures.

With this framework, and with a large part of the main countries in the world considering the obligatory nature of vaccination or that businesses require the “Covid passport” from customers, investors raised their doubts at Inditex.

Fluidra continues to offer potential

Of course, the company manages to solve supply problems at a global level thanks to the diversification of production with Spain as the axis that solves the bottlenecks of the factories in Asia.

Fluidra closes the trio of the three most expensive IBEXs with a PER of 31.90 times.

It is one of the star values ​​in Spain since the outbreak of the coronavirus. The manufacturer of swimming pools and bathroom accessories advances nearly 100 percent in the year, 71.84 percent in 2021 being the second component of the IBEX 35 that advances the most.

The company is convinced of the potential of the business and after closing the first nine months of the year tripling profits, beating the consensus estimates, it has raised its forecasts and experts believe that the value may go higher.

44.4 percent of analysts bet on “buying” Fluidra shares and despite the impressive rise they believe that it could reach 38.64 euros per share over the next 12 months, which yields a potential of about 8 percent when trading now on 36 euros.

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