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The most original tuna tartares that you will be able to try throughout Spain

If we haven’t been seeing tuna tartare for more than a decade even in tapas bars, we haven’t got anything. In fact, the ones that have surprised us the most lately have been the sea bass tartares with citrus points and chili mayonnaise, in the Corsair of the Tower of the Canons, In ibiza; or the delicate red prawn tartar with pistachio, ajoblanco and the heads of the prawns themselves to add their juice, by chef Martina Cacheiro in CasbahFormentera.

But, fortunately, we have also been finding some pleasant surprises of tuna tartares that surpass, with a high score, the classic tuna, avocado and chives. Above all, in the coastal areas where it is most fished during the almadraba, or kept in underwater pools throughout the year.

Here we have made a selection of those that we have been able to meet, but if you try a more original one in your locality, the recommendation in the comments will be appreciated.

in the mediterranean arc

🦈 In the fare restaurantfrom Dani García, you can choose between a tuna tartare, soy with yuzu, sesame and cured egg yolk or the Chirashi sushi from Tarifeño, that is, tuna loin tartar from almadraba on sushi rice, spicy dressing and edamame. N-340, Km. 76, 6, 11380 Casas de Porro, Cádiz.

🦈 TunaTeca is the perfect Barcelona gastronomic space to try, by the hand of chef Ekaitz Apraiz, his curious broken eggs with red parmentier tuna loin with onion, Iberian reduction and Borchii truffle or the traditional tartar with pistachio ice cream and mustard caviar, at which more exquisite of the two.

They have others such as the red tuna loin tartar with fresh burrata, courgette foam, Kalamata spherification and dried tomato or the chutoro tartar with scallop tataki, green tomato gel and Codium seaweed ice cream. To choose. Av. Diagonal, 439, Barcelona.

🦈 In the restaurant Bo.ticled by Albert Sastregener and Cristina Torrent, chef and sommelier respectively, make a fresh red tuna tartar from the Mediterranean, with beetroot and spherical butter and caviar that you can’t deny is different from the others, like everything they do there . Av. Costa Brava, 6, Corça, Girona.

In the north

🦈 kimtxu It is an Asian bar in the center of Bilbao where you will be surprised by the tuna tartare with pickle salad and the tuna tartar toast, wakame seaweed and Japanese dressing. c/ Henao, 17.

🦈 The enjoyment It has a dish that stands out because it contains an enjoyable salad with red tuna tartar, fried egg and seaweed chips and you can order it in a half or whole portion. To go to Zaragoza even if it’s just to try it, let’s go. C. Francisco Bayeu, 4.

In the islands

🦈 Biboagain by Dani García, at any of its locations in Ibiza and in Madrid It has a tartar that is pure respect for the pig of the sea, since it combines red tuna discharge and ventresca from almadraba, white soybeans, EVOO and nasturtium leaves, just like that. Paseo de la Castellana, 52 28046 Madrid / Carrer de Ses Feixes, 52, 07800, Ibiza, Balearic Islands.

🦈 It’s Calo, in Formentera, offers a fantastic tuna sirloin tartare with the possibility of mixing it with smooth guacamole on the side, a few dots of soy mayonnaise and crispy toast. But it is recommended to try it first just because it has something distinctive: quinoa. There is nothing that the chef, Toñi Ibáñez, does not border on. C. Vicari Joan Marí, 14, Es Caló de Sant Agustí.

🦈 Promenade Pizza Bistro makes a tuna tartare with melon, pistachio and avocado in tempura, a fresh dish that may seem like a freak to you, but the explosion of flavor is guaranteed. In Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, c. Ruiz del Alda n.17 loc. 6-7.

In Andalucia

🦈 Insane Zahara, in the Cadiz town that celebrates the most competitive tuna route, proposes a roast marrow with red tuna tartar with siracha and Chinese barbecue sauce that is insane with that mixture of flavors. Atlantic Beach.

🦈 The Rock The Tunaalso called “El Atún” Sports Fishing Club, is the economical alternative to our beloved the camper in Barbados. And, although they have been giving it their all for more than 30 years, they have recently become famous with Narci Corrales in management and Francisco Javier Utrera as head chef. Because they have wonderful creative almadraba tuna dishes but… you are going to die with their ajoblanco tartare. C. Ancha, 39, Barbate.

🦈 In the precious Hotel Only You of Malaga, whose gastronomy is in charge of the Carbon Group, you have the Carmen Tavern and the lola restaurant, where, like all the products to which chef Pedro Hervás puts his original magic touch, the Barbate bluefin tuna tartar in tacos with EVOO and soy dressing is sensational. And a fried egg if you dare! Now, to get to death by tuna, do yourself the favor of ordering the bluefin tuna carpaccio with cured yolk and EVOO, a finely cut slice of the loin that will make your mouth water. Alameda Principal 1, Malaga.

🦈 Nest Estepona: It is a spectacular restaurant on the shores of the Estepona nudist beach where you can boast without fear of making a mistake about making one of the best tuna tartares that you will taste in your life. Above all, because of its differentiation from the rest, since it contains truffle and basil oil, an emulsion that gives it great unctuousness. You won’t need bread. Congratulations to chef Agustín González for the idea. Urbanization The Edge Chiringuito Costa Natura, Mediterranean Highway, Km 151, Estepona.

🦈 Beach bar Maricarmen It has won the Tapas magazine award for the best in Spain, not only for its facilities on the beach with hammocks, but also for its gastronomy, among which is the surprising fresh tuna tartare in taquitos with fried egg and homemade chips ( like some broken eggs, but, for a change, with a good sirloin). Writer Alarcón Bonel, 2, Playa La Araña, Málaga.

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