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The most popular Spanish YouTube channels of the moment | Digital Trends Spanish

Do you want to make money make money by posting adventures on YouTube? That is the dream of children, adolescents and a good number of adults. And it is that recording videos doing what you like and making a profit is a seductive idea. Many have tried, but only a handful have succeeded, such as those behind the most popular Spanish channels on YouTube.

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Since its creation in 2005, YouTube has accumulated more than 31 million channels and has become one of the most used social networks in Spanish-speaking countries, according to figures from The Global State of Digital. But one of its peculiarities is that precisely what are the youtubers and not the traditional media that dominate this space.


Although the channels with the highest number of subscribers in Spanish are still far from the 123 million followers of the Indian network T-Series, several of them have still managed to place themselves in the top 50 most popular of all the world. Here are the most successful content creators in Spanish, according to the number of followers.

Zenón’s farm, the songs from the zoo, the Blu family and the clown Plim Plim, among others, are some of the series that are behind the success of the most popular channel of children’s songs in Spanish on YouTube. With more than 45 million subscribers and half a thousand videos, it is the ideal space to keep your children entertained, who will sing to the rhythm of The Tureleca hen, Bartolito or I see I see. Until before the pandemic, the creators of the channel offered live shows in Argentina.

Badabun, Mexico (44.9 million subscribers)

Unlike other Spanish-language channels, Badabun is more like a communication medium. It has different programs, which are in charge of popular presenters. One of its most popular sections was Exposing infidels, where one of the drivers checks the mobile phones of a couple in search of love betrayals. However, not everything has been honey on flakes. In December 2019, the CEO and one of its founders, César Morales, was unlinked amid allegations of abuse and mistreatment.

PlayGerman, Chile (44.2 million)

The third channel with the most subscribers in Spanish is the responsibility of the Chilean Germán Garmendia. Without being a great gamer -as he himself admits-, the youtuber is featured playing some of the popular titles, such as Fortnite, in which he discovers tricks just like anyone else. With the “closure” of HolaSoyGerman, in his publications he also began to insert videos of everyday situations, in the style of the original channel.

Fernanfloo, El Salvador (43.3 million)

The responsibility of the Salvadoran Luis Fernando Flores Alvarado, was the YouTube channel in Spanish clearly gamer most popular in Spanish. For seven years, Fernanfloo gathered millions of subscribers and published more than 500 videos until in April 2018 it “moved” to Twitch to follow your adventures gamer. Thanks to his popularity, the Salvadoran also developed his own Fernanfloo video game Arcade type for ios and Android and in 2019 collaborated with CapCom in the development of Resident Evil 2, which even featured its digital appearance in one of the trailers. Even though he has only posted three videos in 2021, he has continued to add millions of followers.

For several years, Hi I am German was the most popular Spanish channel on YouTube. With good humor -and a lot of energy-, the Chilean Germán Garmendia approached in videos of four to five minutes of duration different daily situations, from how to find a job, excuse me get over a breakup or embarrassing situations. The channel ceased to be active in November 2016. According to the youtuberRecording these types of videos required about 22 hours of work and a lot of energy, which resulted in problems with his vocal cords. Since then, he has published videos on his JuegaGerman account. In 2019, Garmendia was chosen by the magazine Time as one of the most influential people on the internet.

elrubiusOMG, Spain (40.1 million)

Rubén Doblas Gundersen, from Malaga, better known as El Rubuis, is the most popular Spaniard on YouTube. With a characteristic blonde hair, most of the posts of this video producer are linked to comments about video games while playing them, there are also others about viral challenges or interactions with his followers. In January 2020, he posted one with actors Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, which served to spread Bad boys for life and in October 2020 he was included as a character in the video game Watch Dogs: Legion.

«The most cool (nice) from YouTube ». This is how Luis Villar Sudek, better known as Luisito Comunica, defines his space in this social network. Originally from Puebla, in his early years as youtuber “Luisito” recounted how a provincial lived in the capital of Mexico, through street interviews or showing different facets of the local reality. Over time, he consolidated this successful strategy with his experiences in other countries, tasting strange dishes and visiting surprising places. However, he has not been immune to controversy, such as the millionaire purchase of a house in Venezuela.

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