Friday, December 8

The most profitable offers on combined deposits

The more conservative savers know how difficult it is to obtain some return via deposit and much less manage to mitigate the impact of inflation (prices closed in Spain with an average of 3.5 percent).

Thereto It should be added that the uncertainty surrounding the recovery has caused household deposits to exceed 943.7 billion euros in November, which represents an increase of 1,500 million euros.

saver and investor

The banks aware of this situation are betting on offering combined deposits, which offer a certain return, but guaranteed (also the money placed in them through the Deposit Guarantee Fund at 100,000 euros per account and owner), but, at the same time, offer above-average remuneration through a investment product.

The The saver must take into account that the profitability of that part of the product is not known, but it is possible that this increases with a longer time horizon.

As for liquidity, savers know that combined deposits must be understood in two ways. As soon as to the part of the fixed-term deposit, it will not be a liquid part. The saver must wait for the expiration term of the fixed-term deposit to expire.

As to the investment part, it is if it will be recoverable when we want, but the reimbursement will be made at market price, which can give the circumstance that it is done with losses.

Returns greater than 1 percent

As a general rule, by incurring greater risk, returns will be higher than average. For example, EBN Banco markets a combined 24-month deposit with a return of 1.19 percent.

50 percent of the investment will go to a deposit, with returns of between 1 percent TIN and 1.20 percent TIN depending on the term chosen (twelve or 24 months). The rest will go to a deposit within an offer of 400. The minimum amount to access these products is 20,000 euros.

This is a significantly higher return than can be achieved at the same bank, which sells an 18-month deposit with a return of 0.50 percent and a 12-month return of 0.40 percent.

Mediolanum is another of the entities that sell combined deposits. Its about Deposit 3 percent MIX PLUS which has a duration of 6 months and offers a return of 3 percent APR.

One of its main requirements is to simultaneously contract an investment product of the entity for three times the amount of the deposit. To contract the product, it will be necessary to invest at least the triple the deposit money. The minimum deposit amount is 2,000 euros.

Abanca also markets this type of product, with the exception that instead of investing in a fund, it is placed in a pension plan. Is aboutl Deposit Today and Tomorrow of Abanca which is only available to customers who contract a pension plan, transfer it from another entity or make a contribution to one that they already have open at the bank. It is a 12-month combined deposit that pays 0.75 percent APR.

If only we can enter in the deposit a maximum of double what we put in the plan. As a caveat, we will have to be attentive to the commissions it charges.

To consider

Keep in mind that contracting a combined deposit may entail a series of commissions management, subscription, reimbursement or any other reason that the bank deems appropriate, in the event that part of the initial capital is allocated to an investment fund.

On the other hand, the total profitability will be the sum of both products.