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The mother of a child injured in the Kabul airport bombing, from the UK: “I am desperate to be reunited with my baby”

Relatives of Afghans injured during the explosion at the Kabul airport, which killed at least 170 people, have asked the UK Government for help to evacuate their loved ones. Among the people who desperately request to regroup with their relatives, is the mother of Muhammad Raza, a one-year-old baby victim of the attack. When the detonation occurred, the woman had just crossed the airport entrance, waiting for the rest of her loved ones to follow. They did not let her go back, according to her account.

The baby’s mother is named Basbibi and she is 19 years old. According to him, after passing through a gate at Hamid Karzai International Airport on Thursday to leave Afghanistan in a Royal British Air Force (RAF) plane, the soldiers prevented him from running back to the scene of the attack.

“I am desperate to be reunited with my baby, I am praying that the British government can do something to bring him here,” she told the newspaper. The Sun on Sunday. “All I can think of is taking Muhammad with me to a safe place so that he can receive the best medical treatment. I am grateful to be alive, but there is so much emotional pain and pain to deal with …” she added. However, a Ministry of Defense official He has told the British media that the minor was not well enough to fly and that they could not risk transferring him to the United Kingdom.

The 23-month-old boy is fighting for his life in Kabul after being seriously wounded in the attack. Surgeons have removed the shrapnel from the boy’s abdomen and repaired a tear that occurred in his intestine. The baby’s grandfather is one of the British citizens who would have lost his life in the attempt. His name was Sultan Muhammed Rez, he was 49 years old, and he worked as a London taxi driver. The boy’s father also passed away, according to The Sun.

The UK Foreign Office has confirmed that two British nationals have so far been killed in the attack, although they estimate the number to be higher. Musa Popal, 60, is another of the victims. His grandson Hameed, who was with him when the explosion occurred, remains missing. His wife Saleema, who was watching from a distance, survived.

Popal ran a supermarket in Hendon, north London, for more than 20 years and had traveled to Afghanistan in June with his wife to visit their family. “I have never experienced pain like this, I feel that I break into a thousand pieces. My mother has run out of documents because my father had them all with him when he died,” said Zohra Popal, one of his daughters, who says she feels “ignored “by the UK Foreign Office.

Since the time of the attack, the family has not been able to contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and they have not received any official communication. “My mother and the rest of the family are still in danger and we can still lose them. Even so we cannot contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the number is constantly busy. We feel totally ignored but we have to keep them safe, I cannot live without them, we need the government to help us, “explains Zohra.

A young man to rescue his family

Mohammad Niazi, 29, a driver of an Uber car in London, was another of the British who died when he was with his wife and two of their four children at the airport. Niazi had traveled to Kabul on Tuesday to take his family to Britain. His brother told the BBC that he was killed in the crossfire that followed the suicide bombing and that his wife and two of the children are still missing.

According to the testimony of Imran Niazi, a friend of the victim who spoke to the Sky News network, Mohammad Niazi believed that he was one of the “lucky ones” included in the list to leave Afghanistan. Mohammad Niazi worked 16 hours a day on the car to send most of his earnings to his wife, his friend told the newspaper. The Sunday Times.

Apparently he wanted to reunite his family in the United Kingdom and was helping his wife to improve her English with classes on the Internet, so that she could pass the language test that required the visa, Imran Niazi said that he took his friend to the airport , in the hope that he could catch his flight to Afghanistan. Mohammad had told him that he would call him on the phone when he reached his destination, but the call never came through.

Translated by Francisco de Zárate.

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