Monday, September 25

The mother of a girl murdered by ETA calls for the resignation of the Vox leadership in Alicante for not attending her tribute

Toñi Santiago, the mother of a six-year-old girl murdered by ETA in the attack against the Civil Guard barracks in Santa Pola (Alicante) on August 4, 2002, has called for the resignation of the leadership of Vox in Alicante for not attend the act of homage, on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the savage terrorist act. Silvia Martínez Santiago, daughter of a Civil Guard agent, died as a result of the terrible explosion and her three-year-old cousin Borja was injured. Cecilio Gallego Alaminos, a 57-year-old pensioner who was waiting for the bus, also died as a result of the attack, in which two members of ETA, Andoni Otegi Eraso, alias Iosuand Oscar Celarain Ortiz, alias Peiowere sentenced by the National High Court in 2012 to 843 years in prison each.

Little Silvia’s mother called a tribute ceremony in Santa Pola on August 4, coinciding with the anniversary of the attack, in which 56 people were also injured. The woman asked that the politicians attend the act in a private capacity, in which the popular mayor participated Loreto Serrano and the general secretary of the PSPV-PSOE of Santa Pola, national deputy and councillor, Yolanda Seva.

The woman called President Pedro Sánchez a “traitor, scoundrel, coward who is using the blood of our dead as currency in a process of surrender,” as published The Spanish. However, the one who has criticized the most after the tribute has been Vox, a party whose representatives in Alicante did not attend the event. In fact, Toñi Santiago accuses the leadership of the extreme right-wing party in Alicante, led by the regional deputy Ana Vega, of having given the order not to participate in the act, according to a news agency 6.

Vox, following its policy of vetoing certain media outlets, has not responded to questions from

The mother of the girl murdered by ETA, in a video on your Facebook account, states that she is “grateful as a mother and as a Spaniard that they gave that order.” “Only they have portrayed themselves and have been able to tell the citizen, those who are completely deceived, what Vox does,” laments Toñi Santiago, who points to Mario Ortolá, spokesman for the Santiago Abascal formation in the City Council of Alicante, and Ana Vega, trustee in the Corts Valencianes, for having given the alleged order.

The woman asks for the resignation of both Vox positions “if this is real and true.” “What they are doing is deceiving citizens, in this case from Alicante and the rest of Spain,” she adds. She also criticizes Vox leader Santiago Abascal. “What a shame what you’ve come to,” she blurts out. “If your father were to be born again, if he were to leave where he is, this man would really die of grief; a great person, a great man and a great fighter for the defense of the victims of terrorism, something that you have not inherited from him”, she emphasizes.