Sunday, September 19

The mother of the two baby lynx that died between Linares and Vilches (Jaén) is also killed by a car

JA-6104 once again adds the death of another lynx between the Jaen municipalities of Linares and Vilches. On this occasion it is the mother of the two babies who were also run over on this road and that everything indicates that she was looking for her young. For this reason, from the Iberian Society for the Study and Conservation of Ecosystems (SIECE), action protocols are called for to prevent these deaths from being run over.

The president of Siece, Francisco Jesús Martín, has warned of the “ineffectiveness and lack of coordination of the competent authorities in matters of Environment and Traffic” since after having sighted the specimen the corresponding warning had been given due to the risk of being run over by an Iberian lynx in the vicinity of the JA-6104, although it finally ended with the death of the animal.

On August 26, the same day that two young lynx between five and six months were run over, the members of Siece reported the presence of a female Iberian lynx (Lynx pardinus), radiolabelled, in the vicinity of the JA-6104 road that connects the Jaen town of Vilches with the Vadollano Station, warning of the imminent danger of being run over and, therefore, of the risk of accident for road users.

Martín has indicated to Europa Press that “given the impossibility of contacting the Civil Guard telephone number 062 after a first call attempt”, they finally notified the emergency telephone number 112, to highlight “the urgent need to start a traffic regulation device until the animal leaves the vicinity of the road “.

The Vilches Municipal Police traveled to the area after the 112 warning, but no immediate action protocol was established. Next, they contacted directly with personnel belonging to the Iberian Lynx conservation project, who had not previously received any notice from the emergency telephone number 112.

Two hours later the death of the animal by being run over was confirmed, corroborating the tragic outcome. It was a female of about four years, radiolabelled, but whose GPS tracking had not worked for a long time. It turned out that she was the mother of the two pups who had also been run over that same morning and who was in the area looking for her cubs. Martín has pointed out that there is a third calf that has supposedly saved his life and that it is also supposed to be in the area.

Siece has criticized “the insufficient means and the lack of coordination of the competent authorities in matters of Environment and Traffic, the emergency telephone number 112 and the Iberian Lynx Conservation Project, and the absence of a protocol for immediate action before the risk of being run over by threatened fauna “.

It has affected that the Iberian lynx is a species included in the National Catalog and in the Andalusian Catalog of Threatened Species with the category of ‘in danger of extinction’. For this reason, the species is part of a coordinated project to recover its populations in Spain and Portugal.

One of the most important nuclei of Iberian lynx in the Iberian Peninsula is located in the vicinity of the Guarrizas River valley (Jaén), with an estimated population of 140 specimens, of whose breeding population the female killed by being run over and her two young, also run over.

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