Thursday, December 7

The motion of censure against the French Government fails

The motion of censure against the French Government presented by the left has failed this Monday in the National Assembly, receiving 146 votes in favor compared to the 289 that were needed for its approval.

The Macron Government announces that it will nationalize 100% of EDF, the main French electricity company

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The motion was supported only by the groups of the left-wing coalition Nupes (La Francia Insumisa, socialists and ecologists), but not by all its members, which are 151.

The left has defended its motion of censure against the government of the prime minister, Élisabeth Borne, considering that it lacks legitimacy, since it was not submitted to the vote of confidence due to the lack of a parliamentary majority.

“You have no legitimacy, neither political nor parliamentary,” said the spokeswoman for La Francia Insumisa (LFI), Mathilde Panot, before the plenary session of the chamber that discussed and voted on the motion. “You are a democratic anomaly”, stressed Panot, who also accused Emmanuel Macron of being “the president of the pressure groups” after the press revelations about how he favored the establishment of the American company Uber when he was minister of Economy.

In her response, the prime minister has accused the left-wing coalition Nupes of presenting “a posturing motion” that the only thing it does is “hinder parliamentary work” to approve the measures proposed by the Government to compensate for the increase in inflation .