Wednesday, January 19

The mouth of the Urumea in Donostia, turned into an “underwater landfill”

The environmental platform Eguzki has denounced the “unfortunate appearance” that the Urumea river presents at its mouth in Donostia because it has become an “underwater landfill”. In a statement, it has indicated that on the left bank, between the Mundaiz bridges and the third María Cristina bridge, hundreds of objects accumulate on its bed, such as bed bases, chairs, bicycles, ironing tables, kitchens and up to fifteen toilets.

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“The show is dantesque. An underwater dump, with several tons of remains in a space close to 200 meters, in the heart of the city,” he indicated. For this reason, Eguzki has denounced this situation and has asked the responsible institutions to “eliminate this landfill”, specifically, the Gipuzkoa Coastal Service, the competent body in the management of this stretch of the river, as well as the Donostia City Council, for being in its jurisdiction, informs Europa Press.

“Both institutions may hide their responsibility and inactivity, excusing themselves in the floods at the end of November and December, but we know that the accumulation of waste in this area began before those floods,” he said. Eguzki has assured that, in any case, the “true perpetrators” of this landfill are the “criminals who dump this type of waste into the river with impunity, and unfortunately, it seems that there are not three or four”. For this reason, he believes that it is urgent to “extreme” vigilance, to persecute the “malefactors” who consider the Urumea “a clandestine landfill”, and meanwhile, to remove the tons of waste that accumulate in the river.

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