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The municipal group of Vox in Valencia does not publish its expenses and the City Council is studying disciplinary measures

For the first time, a municipal group of the Valencia City Council has breached a plenary agreement on transparency in its expenses borne by the public coffers. Each year, the municipal corporation assigns an economic amount to each of the parties that make up the hemicycle for its operation according to the number of councilors they obtain (the items of all groups, except for Vox, at the end of the information).

Vox, with two councilors in the hemicycle, has been the only one who has not detailed to the Department of Transparency to which concepts it has dedicated the budget allocation for the year 2020, information that the delegation later publishes on the municipal website. This newspaper has tried to obtain an explanation of the formation of the extreme right, without obtaining any response to the calls and messages.

Faced with this “unprecedented” situation, the Transparency department led by the socialist Elisa Valía is studying the application of disciplinary measures since it is “an obligation that they have not fulfilled,” he assured

Specifically, on March 30, 2017, the plenary unanimously approved (with the votes in favor of Compromís, PSPV, PP, Ciudadanos and València en Comú) the opinion of the final report of conclusions of the Investigation Commission of the case known as Operation Taula in which the alleged illegal financing of the PP is settled.

One of the points of these conclusions, approved to improve transparency and avoid, as far as possible, cases of corruption, establishes “that there be greater control of the expenses of the groups, with supporting documentation, with the completion of files grouped by expenses and the publication on the web in the same way grouped by generic concepts “.

For this reason, and retroactively, since 2015 all the details of the expenses of the municipal groups for each year have been published, information published on the City Council’s transparency website until 2019.

Thus, in the year 2020 Compromís, with 10 councilors, has detailed expenses amounting to 39,762 euros; the PP, with eight councilors, has published an expense of 34,608 euros; the expenses of the socialist municipal group, with seven councilors, amounted to 31,534 euros and those of Citizens, with six representatives, to 27,306 euros.

Most of the expenses have to do with diets, transportation or services of all kinds (consultancies, stationery, event organizations, among others). Thus, for example, in the Citizens group, the 6,021 euros spent on taxis stand out, the one that dedicates the most to this concept. Party sources have justified the expense in that they do not use the official car.

The PP is the one that spends the most in restoration. Specifically, throughout the year it dedicated 2,814 euros. Popular sources comment that they cost 30 euros per month per councilor and argue it in the number of group meetings they hold. In addition, they assure that Compromís and PSPV invoice these expenses to the councils or to the protocol of the mayor’s office.

In Compromís, the 462 euros dedicated to gasoline and 1,161 euros in the concept “State Advocacy” attract attention. From the group they explain that the gasoline expenses correspond to trips due to the work of councilors or staff and as for the second item they affirm that it is the costs of a judicial process.

Expenses for municipal groups València City Council on Scribd

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