Tuesday, July 5

The Murcian Ministry of Health denounces in the Public Prosecutor’s Office the improper access to the medical data of a relative of García Egea

The Murcian Executive, through the Ministry of Health, has sent the conclusions of the investigations carried out by the Virgen de La Arrixaca Hospital to the Prosecutor’s Office after an alleged favorable treatment of a relative of the Party’s secretary general was published in infoLibre Popular, the Murcian Teodoro García Egea, to gain privileged access to an operation in the aforementioned hospital center from a WhatsApp conversation between García Egea and the Murcian president López Miras.

After the information, and for which the PP charges have denounced the media, the Virgen de La Arrixaca Hospital opened internal proceedings to find out who had accessed the patient’s clinical history, who filed a complaint after publishing some details about the case, but not his identity or pathology. According to said investigation, the person who accessed said file was a worker from the Morales Meseguer Hospital, currently a UGT delegate at the center and released from his duties. Consulted by this means of communication, the union has reported that it is currently “evaluating the information.”

According to the general secretary of the PP of the Region of Murcia, José Miguel Luengo, the union delegate would have given a statement in the development of the investigation and would have also acknowledged the facts, which he would have carried out at the request of another superior. Luengo has also assured that the investigation opened by the Murcian Health Service has concluded that García Egea’s family member was treated “like any other patient” and has not received “any favorable treatment” to sneak into the waiting list for a surgical intervention. The PP has announced that it will appear if a legal case is opened.

Luengo has linked the action of the union delegate with the PSOE and Podemos, whom he has accused of concocting a plot to “stain” the honor of the general secretary of the PP and the Murcian president, Fernando López Miras, through false news. In addition, he has accused them of “inciting” the union delegate to commit a crime to “obtain a political profit,” EFE collects, adding that it is not the first time that they have acted with “these mafia behaviors more typical of criminals than politicians.” “They have hatched one of the most Machiavellian political plots that are remembered by falsely accusing and inciting union representatives to commit a crime,” said the general secretary of the Murcian PP, who has also charged Minister José Luis Ábalos for “falsely accusing “to García Egea and López Miras.

The PP has denounced infoLibre for a crime of “revealing secrets” that carries a penalty of up to five years in prison; While Unidos Podemos filed a complaint against the president of the Region of Murcia, Fernando López Miras, of course bribery, whom they accuse of having allegedly mediated in a health management in favor of a relative of the secretary general of the Popular Party, Teodoro García Egea , taking advantage of his position.