Thursday, July 7

The murder of a woman in Murchante is already being investigated as a crime of gender violence

Murchante’s crime, in which a man has murdered his sister-in-law in front of his minor children, is already being investigated as a crime of gender violence, which if confirmed would be number 25 so far this year in Spain . At first, the crime was classified as a crime of domestic violence as the victim and the aggressor had a family relationship, but according to the Basque Government’s Vice-Hellendakari and Security Councilor, Josu Erkoreka, the investigations of the Navarra Foral Police point to that both could have a sentimental relation, reason why it would enter fully in the chapter of gender violence.

A man murders his sister-in-law in the Navarran town of Murchante and fled

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In an interview on Radio Euskadi, Erkoreka, highlighted the coordination carried out by the Ertzaintza and the Navarra Provincial Police to be able to arrest the only suspect of committing the murder. As explained by the vice-lehendakari, it was an off-duty Basque police officer who identified Pedro María Ruiz Jiménez, the alleged perpetrator of the fatal stabbing of the Vitorian resident of Murchante María Jesús Berrio. This agent saw the alleged murderer leaving a bar in San Sebastián after having had “a pintxo and a whiskey” and, from that moment on, he followed up on him and communicated it to his colleagues from the Ertzaintza, who finally told him they stopped at a hairdresser where he had gone “to change his physique.”

The detainee, a native of the Guipuzcoan town of Zumarraga, had fled north after the crime, prompting the body responsible for the investigation, the Navarra Foral Police, to request support from the Ertzaintza. He was finally arrested in a Donostia hairdresser late in the afternoon this Thursday. The suspect, with a long criminal history that includes acquittal for lack of evidence of another homicide in Gipuzkoa, continues in police stations and “foreseeably” will be transferred to Navarra, according to Josu Erkoreka, since “that is where they have opened judicial proceedings “.

The event occurred around 10.24 am this Wednesday on the NA-6840 on the shore of Navarra. The first data suggest that the murderer followed his sister-in-law in the car and rammed her. When exiting the vehicles, the victim was stabbed in the presence of her two children, ages 5 and 9, who were traveling with her in the vehicle.

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