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The MWC comes back to life after two years of forced hiatus | Digital Trends Spanish

There was a lot of expectation to know how the current edition of the MWC would turn out after two years of hiatus. The event was one of the first to be canceled when COVID-19 began to spread throughout the world, long before it was even classified as a pandemic.

A year later, in 2021, the event returned with a timid edition in which the online presence of the exhibitors prevailed and in which none of the big brands made an appearance.

With this scenario, there was a lot of uncertainty about how the 2022 edition was going to develop. Many bet on a new cascade of casualties after some renowned brands such as Sony or Lenovo announced that they would not participate in the event. However, things have been very different and somehow, the MWC has risen from its ashes.

After the storm comes the calm

According to GSMA, the event’s organizing entity, this year 60,000 people have attended, considerably less than in 2019, but much more than the 20,000 that were seen last year. In addition, the international presence has exceeded all expectations, especially if we take into account that the fair has been held in the midst of the crisis in Ukraine and Russia.

Erika Garcia / Digital Trends

And it is that although GSMA decided to veto the official space of Russia in the event –while asking Russian companies not to attend it–, the risk of traveling to Europe in times of conflict has also been able to affect the attendance rate.

Despite all this and the obligation to wear an FFP2 mask inside the venue, the spirit in the event has been almost, almost, like before the pandemic. The stands were full of curious people and the manufacturers have not missed the opportunity to present their novelties, both in terms of products and new technologies.

MWC 2022
Erika Garcia / Digital Trends

Of course, this year the phones have gone into the background and only some brands such as Realme, ZTE and Honor have presented this type of device. What has not been lacking is innovation, robots, a lot of connectivity and, above all, allusions to the metaverse and to virtual and mixed realities.

Perhaps it is still a bit early to be able to say that face-to-face events related to technology such as CES, IFA or MWC will regain the importance they had years ago, but of course they continue to generate interest, and for brands they are still presented as a good showcase.

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